Graffiti on a Hiking Trail

If you spray graffiti on a hiking trail you are the biggest piece of shit to ever walk the face of this earth. I despise anyone who “tags” at all … but to do it out on a hiking trail reaches a new level of depravity. If you’re reading this and you are a “tagger” please close your browser immediately … get in your car … don’t bother with the seat belt … find a bridge and drive your useless fucking ass off it. What is the purpose of tagging a hiking trail!? I know some stupid assholes in gangs “tag” to let the other losers know that this is their shitty territory. If you’re tagging on a hiking trail does that mean this is your trail and I should stay off of it!? Get the fuck out of here!

I didn’t need to know what information was on that sign.

Who the fuck is bringing spray paint with them when they decide to go hiking anyway!? I guess you just put it in your backpack along with the granola bar and Gatorade.

Thanks, that looks so much better.

Maybe you thought Mother Nature was doing a shitty job and you could do better?

Oh … that’s definitely art! I’m sure his mom is proud.

When I looked up graffiti, some websites said that it is an outlet for people’s artistic skills. Bullshit! And anybody who thinks that should get in the passenger seat of the tagger’s car mentioned above. It is vandalism … plain and simple. If you have artistic skills … use your bedroom walls as a fucking outlet! NOT on someone else’s property … or a hiking trail! If you do this shit … I hope you die … painfully … today.

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