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I’m not politically correct and undoubtedly I WILL say some offensive things. If you are easily offended this is not a place for you. If you have a thick skin and can take a joke, stick around and I’ll try to make you laugh as often as I can and share all the little things that piss me off … and probably piss you off too.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

News Reporter’s Stupid Questions

Your child was brutally murdered and their body was chopped up, stuffed in a duffle bag and thrown into the lake …

How do feel right now?

How the fuck do you think they feel!? Seriously!? That’s the question you shit out of your mouth to the person who just found out their loved one died a horrible death?

I understand as a reporter your job is to get the information about a story and report it but I don’t think there is anybody watching who’s wondering if they’re happy right now! I also understand that if the person you are interviewing is not speaking, you have to fill the silence but there has to be some other question you could ask that would not seem so obtuse.

Ask the person if they have anything to say to the person responsible for this horrific act. The producer better have their finger on the censor button … but I think it would be a better question. Or … how about don’t ask them a question at all. Just report the story and let them grieve.

Part of the problem is the set up before the question by the reporter. The person the tragedy befell may have processed the incident a little bit and is coming to grips with what has happened … and then the reporter describes again in great detail what happened before they ask their stupid question and make it all fresh in their mind again.

“You’re house just burned to the ground and is a pile of ashes. You’ve lost all your belongings. All your family photos are gone forever and I was told you let your insurance policy lapse. How do you feel right now?”

Just once I would love someone to turn to the reporter and say:

“How do you think I feel you stupid mother-fucker? Are you retarded? Why would you ask me a question like that!?”

The Gun Control Agenda

Before you get on your soapbox screaming the talking points you were spoon fed … just hear me out. The current rise in school shootings and random mass shootings are a problem. We, as a nation, need to address it. Nobody I’ve spoke with has argued that it’s not a problem. The only thing that people are arguing is how we go about solving it … and the gun control groups think too many guns are the problem.

There are roughly 327 million people in the United States. There are roughly 393 million guns in the United States. If you’re part of the gun control group you’re already forming your “there are more guns than people!?” comment … or … “why do we need so many guns!?” comment.

Okay, let’s look at that. First and foremost, it has to do with your outlook on guns. If you believe that guns are inherently evil then you can’t imagine why anyone would need a gun and if someone has to have one, they certainly don’t need more than one. Sometimes people own more than one of something. There’s a lot of people who own multiple cars. Is that ridiculous? Why do people scream about owning multiple guns and not multiple cars?

Well … cars don’t kill people.

You are absolutely right! Cars don’t kill people … it’s exactly the same with guns. I don’t know of a single gun that loaded itself and walked out and started shooting itself. And if you’re going to try to argue that cars don’t kill as many people as guns. You’re wrong. Nearly 1,250,000 people die in road crashes each year. Gun deaths are 33,000 per year. Why aren’t people screaming about outlawing cars? It’s not their agenda.

Those are accidents and people didn’t intend to kill people.

Really!? How many times do you hear of a person who killed someone because they were driving drunk? The answer is daily. 29 people die everyday from alcohol related car accidents. I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows you shouldn’t be driving while intoxicated … yet everyday people get behind the wheel drunk. That seems like intent to me and it causes 10,000 deaths annually.

So back to why are there more guns than people? Well, if you are a gun owner, it’s not unusual to own more than one gun. Much like cars, if you like them … you might want to own a few of them. If you’re anti-gun then there is no way you would understand that. By default, you think owning 1 gun is absurd … but other people don’t share that viewpoint and that’s what’s amazing about this country. People are allowed to have different opinions.

So I ask you … with more guns than people in the United States … there should be shootings on every corner, every day, correct? But there aren’t. Why not? Of the gun owning population, the majority are law abiding citizens. People own them so they can protect themselves. I’m not going to spew some bullshit fact about how guns are mostly used for hunting. They’re not! They’re mainly purchased for self-defense.

News Flash! There are a lot of bad people in the world. People who would not think twice about killing you for the $20 in your pocket. People want to feel like they can protect themselves in a society that seems to be deteriorating. If a person is breaking into your house with a gun, you don’t want to be confronting them with a bat. I think most people would agree.

Banning assault rifles would lessen the amount injured.

If a person is hellbent on destruction, assault rifle bans aren’t going to stop them from killing. Handguns can do just as much damage and they are easier to conceal. That argument is weak and misguided. You can buy 30 round magazines for a Glock.

If there were no guns, then people wouldn’t have to worry about violent crimes.

Really!? Recently a deranged asshole in Orange County went on a crime spree where he violently stabbed 6 people, killing 4 of them in one day before he was arrested. He didn’t have a gun and he was still able to kill 4 innocent people before he was caught. As much as people want to say guns are the issue … because they have an agenda they are pushing … the simple fact is that people are the problem. You can take away guns but then the psychopaths will just start using knives or explosives to kill others.

Guns are just a tool like anything else. Effective in the right hands and destructive in the wrong hands. Are we going to talk about outlawing kitchen knives now because of the above mentioned incident? Highly unlikely. Are we going to start banning cars because they cause 1.25 million deaths a year? Highly unlikely. So why the push for banning guns and nothing else? It’s people pushing an agenda and a much easier talking point than addressing the real fact that our society is creating a lot of fucked up crazy people and we don’t know why?

Everybody has their beliefs why people do these horrible things:

Violent video games – Really!? Millions of people play violent video games, so why aren’t there more people carrying out these horrendous tragedies.

Gay marriage – it’s deteriorating our society. If a gay person marries, it doesn’t affect your fucking life and certainly doesn’t give you the right to kill people because you don’t agree with their lifestyle.

Removing God from our schools – it’s a feel good statement for the religious right but John Wayne Gacy was a devout catholic and at age 18 thought about becoming a priest. Having religion in your schools and in your life is not a fail safe.

The simple fact is that people are the problem … not guns. There is just something wrong with certain people’s brains that drive them to do this shit and there seems to be more people with this defect lately.

I understand how traumatizing it can be when a mass shooting occurs but don’t go straight for the gun ban bullshit because it’s not the real problem. There are a lot of people with guns in the United States and 0.000005% use a gun to do these horrible acts. In 2018 there were 1,661 deaths attributed to mass shootings. That’s less than 1% of 1% of 1%. Understandably, 1 incident is too much but it’s a very, very small amount of our population that does this. So because of this small percentage … the 99.9% of law abiding citizens get their guns taken away. How about we focus on the small percentage with the problem instead.

Gun violence is traumatizing but do you think that the trauma felt by the stabbing victims and their families mentioned above is any less traumatizing because a knife was used instead of a gun? How traumatizing was it for the poor people who lost loved ones in the Oklahoma City bombing perpetrated by that asshole McVeigh. Guns were not used in either incident but nobody would argue that they weren’t as awful of a crime.

I know people want action or something done after something tragic occurs but passing some knee-jerk, half thought out law is not the answer. People are scared, I get it … but blindly backing people pushing an agenda is not the right way to go about solving the real issue of crazy people with no regard for their fellow man’s well being.

“Banning assault rifles will help.

Fine, you want to ban assault rifles. Then murderers move to high capacity magazines for handguns. Ban the high capacity magazines. Okay, now they buy 50 regular magazines. Ban owning multiple magazines. Okay, now murderers bring multiple weapons to carry out their carnage. Make it so you can only own 1 gun. You can see the problem with this argument. It’s an infinite regress argument. Basically it just leads to no one owning guns and you can’t un-create guns. Criminals are going to have guns regardless of what laws you pass. The only ones you would be taking the guns away from would be the law abiding citizens who now would become easy targets for people who want to do bad things.

I don’t claim to have the answer to end the mass shootings that are occurring but I also know banning “assault rifles” is not going to end it. People can do just as much damage with a handgun as they can with a rifle. There are a plethora of instruments that one can cause mass killings with if someone is truly hellbent on doing it and that’s the problem … why do people want to kill innocent people?

The truth of the matter is there are an increasing amount of people in this country that suffer from mental issues and are losing their shit. And please don’t email me about how lots of people have mental issues and don’t shoot up stores. No shit! I know that. I’m not trying to disparage anyone going through mental health issues but some people who need treatment are not getting it and these terrible tragedies are the result.

I’m sure there are many of you after reading this who think that I’m just towing the NRA line. I’m not. I think background checks are a great idea but I don’t agree with the idea that we need to keep making useless laws to complicate things for 99.9% of hard working law abiding citizens. They are just trying to make sure they have some sort of protection from any crazy fucking person they may be unfortunate enough to encounter in their life. The numbers show that most people who own guns cause no problems. It’s the person who feels like killing people is the answer to their problems and we need to focus on finding out how to solve that mindset. Taking away guns does not fix that.

Tactile Paving

If you don’t know what tactile paving is, it’s the hard rubber pieces with bumps that they place around stores to let visually impaired people know when they are leaving the sidewalk. Seen in the image below:

I despise these things. They are ridiculous!

Before you start screaming about how insensitive I am because they are there for visually impaired people … let me clarify that I don’t lack empathy in the slightest for a person with a disability. I even researched the term handicapped (which is the term I was going to use) and found out that term is offensive now … which is why I used the more acceptable term person with a disability.

I even learned the following:

  • Never say “a disabled person” or “the disabled.” Say a person or people “with disabilities.” …
  • Never use the term “handicapped parking.” Use “accessible parking” instead …
  • Never use the term “impaired.” …
  • Never say “hidden” disabilities. …

… so put your picket sign away. You don’t need to come protest outside my house. I’m trying! I’m learning!

All I wanted to say is … do the bumps really need to be so fucking big!? Here’s my problem: I have all my groceries jammed into my bags (the ones I had to bring so I don’t have to pay the 10 cent extortion fee … see my previous post on the plastic bag scam). As I go over these outrageously high profile bumps all my groceries start falling out of the bags and cases of soda on the bottom rack of the cart starts falling off into the street. It’s bumpier than a fucking roller coaster.

Oh! … and a word to the wise … don’t even think about opening any of those sodas any time soon after they’ve gone over those bumps. Trust me! How about we tone down the bumps a little bit. The person that’s visually impaired will still be able to sense the bumps … but it’s not going to shake everything loose out of my fucking cart onto the street!

Unnecessary Wait Times

I recently went to dinner at an unspecified restaurant. I don’t want to call them out because this was the first time that it’s happened here … and I love the olives from their garden. I wouldn’t want them to think of threatening me with a libel suit for saying their name and something that isn’t flattering. It’s the first time it’s happened at this “unnamed” restaurant … but it’s not the first time it’s happened when we’ve gone out to eat.

We entered the establishment at 9pm on a Sunday. Not really what I would call dinner rush hour. As I’m walking in, I notice maybe 10 people in the waiting area. I look to the left and I see an empty dining area … probably 15 empty tables. I look to the right and I see a half filled dining area. I assume that maybe the crowd in the waiting area is a large party and waiting for the rest of their group. I arrive at the hostess desk and tell them I’d like a table for two.

“Okay … the wait is about 25 minutes.”

I look again at the empty dining area to the left … then to the right at the half filled dining area. As I’m about to say “Are you fucking serious!?” … I take a deep breath and mumble okay.

(I figured I can let it go for once and let my beautiful wife have a nice evening without me making a scene. That’s not to say I didn’t grumble about it when I came back and sat next to her while we waited for 25 minutes … but I’m sure that was more bearable than my normal M.O.)

When the hockey puck finally buzzes, we go to the hostess desk and follow her back to our table towards the back. While we are walking back, I take inventory of the people dining in the restaurant and the large number of empty tables. Why did we have to wait 25 minutes when there are clearly plenty of tables open!? I’ve never worked in the restaurant business so maybe I’m missing something … but it sure seems to me like they could have seated us right away! It didn’t appear they had only one server because there were a few that appeared not to be doing much … which just infuriated me more.

Why do restaurants do this!? They’ll close off one side of a restaurant and only seat one side and make people wait. Why don’t you open both sides of the fucking restaurant and seat everybody! Maybe they have a good reason for doing it … but I can’t figure it out. On it’s face, it looks like they don’t give a shit about their customers. Are they trying to make it appear like they are so busy … by filling up one side? If that’s the case … then make sure I can’t see the other side of the restaurant that’s empty …you dumbshits! You’re not fooling anybody.

“25 minutes!? … Why can’t you seat me at one of those 15 empty tables!?

I watched 2 couples walk in and walk out when they were told that it was a 25 minute wait. I’m no rocket scientist … but it seems to me that you just lost business for a reason that seems completely fixable. I’m not sure what business model they are following but they might want to take another look at it and make some tweaks. I’m just saying …

Zero Tolerance School Policies

The headline reads:

10-year-old boy charged with assault for injuring classmate in dodgeball-like game

Seriously!? You’re going to charge a 10 year old with aggravated assault because he hit another boy with a ball … in a game where the object is to hit someone with the ball!? Apparently, the boy that was hit has a medical condition that makes head injuries especially dangerous. Then why the fuck was he playing the game!?

Here’s a little snippet from the article:

The mother of the boy hit by the ball told WXYZ that her son suffered a black eye and had a bruise on his nose. She said her son had been hit twice before in the face with a ball and the incident in April was the final straw. “I tried not to let it get to this point,” the mother said, adding that she was worried for her son’s safety.

NOW you’re worried for his safety! If he has a medical condition, why didn’t you tell him he couldn’t play anymore after the first time it happened. I understand you don’t want to baby the kid and ostracize him by not letting him play with his friends but come on! I am no fan of unsolicited parental advice but in this case … I’ll make an exception. If you’re son has a medical condition … then he shouldn’t be playing sports like this!

Then there is the ridiculous school district officials. After the incident, they suspended him for one day. That seems reasonable to me to show the young man what he did was not acceptable. The mother of the boy thought that was the end of her son’s punishment also. Then a couple days later, she receives a call from the juvenile court that her son was being charged with aggravated assault! The school officials contacted the authorities over a playground incident!

What happened to bringing the kid into the principal’s office and making him apologize to the other boy. Make them shake hands and then tell him not to do it again … or else there will be severe consequences? Where is the boys will be boys attitude? I understand once they hit teenage years that probably doesn’t work anymore … but he’s 10!

The zero tolerance policy that schools have adopted is ridiculous! How did it come to this? In my opinion, the parents are to blame. Schools were allowed to handle situations like this when I was growing up and the parents backed the school’s decision. Even if the parent thought it was ridiculous, they’d tell their kid “Well, this is what happens … so don’t do it again!” Now you have helicopter parents that come in and defend their children at all costs and threaten to sue the school district. The schools are just too scared of being sued, so they pass something like this off to the authorities so they don’t have to deal with any repercussions.

Then there’s the assistant prosecuting attorney who looked at the case and decided there was enough evidence to charge the boy with aggravated assault. Even if there was … do you really need to!? There aren’t more pressing things to prosecute in your county? It’s amazing to me that not one person involved in this case didn’t stop and say “This has gone too far.”

But that’s the problem with the world today. Everybody is over-sensitive and common sense has disappeared. Not to mention that the legal system has become a joke that you can sue people for anything. Even if it seems like a ridiculous case on it’s face. Do you trust the system to come to a reasonable outcome? A perfect example is if a burglar hurts himself while robbing you, he can sue you for damages. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself: https://www.homevestors.com/blog/crazy-stories-homeowners-sued/

I understand that schools have a lot to worry about in today’s world, like school shootings and drugs. But is it too much to ask to look at things on a case by case basis instead of zero tolerance … and realize that some things don’t need to rise to a level that the authorities get involved. We don’t need to charge a kindergartner with sexual assault for kissing a little girl. Just like we don’t need this little boy brought up on criminal charges over a dodgeball injury. Lucky for him … the prosecutor was feeling nice and the charges were finally dismissed. How a school yard incident reached it’s way to that level is beyond me.

Price Tag Residue

Why can’t I just leave the price tag on and just Sharpie out the price?

“Exactly!” … says every guy reading this right now.

Well … apparently guys … it’s tacky to leave the tag on. So, in the interest of trying not to appear as a neanderthal with no etiquette, I’ve resigned myself to start removing the tags on gifts that I give. The problem is that when you take the tag off, it leaves behind a sticky mess!

This doesn’t happen with every price tag though! Some stores have tags that come off easily and leave no sticky residue behind. So why can’t ALL the stores use the same easy to peel off price tags!?

  • We can send a man to the moon (I don’t want to hear it conspiracy theorists)
  • we can grow a human ear under the skin of a rat (I know! I know!)
  • we can grow skin in a lab (Again … I know! but it IS pretty amazing!)
  • we can communicate with a satellite a billion miles away (no joke!)
  • we have virtual keyboards (useless … but pretty cool!)

… but we can’t get everybody to use price tags that don’t do this!

Sure, you can try to do the Scotch Tape stick-and-pull … but that never gets all the residue off. You can use Goof-Off sometimes … unless the tag is stuck on a section that would be discolored. You can try just scraping and rubbing the residue off dry but that usually creates an even bigger smudge that looks worse. And if you decide you’re going to try to just wrap the gift without addressing the sticky area (and hope they don’t notice) … somehow a stray hair always seems to find it’s way onto the sticky area that you can’t get off!

Now … I realize there are more pressing world issues that need to be addressed before this one. But honestly, those problems are very complex and take a lot of people and a lot of time to fix. This one is easy to solve, so let’s move this one to the front of the line. We just need to get the cheap-ass stores who use those shitty price tags to spend the lousy extra penny to get with the program. They can even pass the penny cost on to me … I’ll pay it! It’s better than having my whole mood take a shit after spending 30 minutes trying to get all the damn price tag off!

Political Correctness

I got my coffee, settled into my worn out spot on the couch and started watching the morning news. Mostly the same old shit … weather, traffic … then this gem of a story comes across my screen:

Macy’s Ripped For Line of “Body-Shaming” Plates

Apparently, some insecure woman took offense to these and wanted to know how to get these banned in all 50 states. When she looked at these, she saw body-shaming. Seriously!? It’s meant as a joke! Even their website says:

“… so to keep you from overindulging, our tableware collection provides helpful – and hilarious – visual cues.”

They are stating it’s meant to be funny! Why don’t you just calm the fuck down and stop trying to make everything into a cause you have to fight. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it …but don’t demand it be recalled just because you don’t like it!

How come no “activist” made a big deal about body-shaming when Bloomberg started pushing the soda ban in New York. Wasn’t he trying to “body-shame” fat people? The whole law came about because of obesity in America. How come no one dragged him over the coals for not accepting fat people the way they are? Or is that not body-shaming if you’re talking about obese people … because that’s okay? It sure seems like there is some hypocrisy is this body-shaming argument.

There are numerous other people who might have seen the humor in these plates and purchased them. If they were truly offensive then no one would have bought them and they would have been pulled off the shelf anyway.

I’m tired of the rampant activism and the political correctness that follows. How did we get to a point where a single insecure person can make a $21 billion company, like Macy’s, shiver in fear and pull a product!? Political correctness has gone way too far! No one is allowed to do anything outside of the collective snowflake idea. These loud-mouthed, self-proclaimed social justice warriors have essentially become the thought police from Orwell’s 1984. The irony is … if you asked them if they approve of someone telling them what they can think or say, they would scream “NO!” … but they’re too stupid to realize that’s exactly what they’re doing!

It’s disappointing how quickly these days companies will apologize and grovel, for some product that is misconstrued or labeled as insensitive. Quickly getting on their social media to apologize personally to a single individual whose feelings are hurt … and promising to do better. I’d have a lot more respect for a company that said “I’m sorry you feel that way … but others find it funny, so we’re keeping it available for them to purchase.”

Guess what activists … you’re not the only ones living here. There are 300 million people living in these United States. Are you so arrogant to think that you get to speak for all of us. Guess what … I’m one of them and I don’t want or need you speaking for me! Just because you find something offensive doesn’t mean I will!

This is one of the major downfalls of social media. It’s just too simple for someone to voice their (sometimes stupid) opinion and have it seen by the company instantly. If they had to sit down, write a letter, address the envelope and mail it off … they’d definitely say “Fuck it. That’s too much work.” But since it’s as easy as typing on your phone and hitting send … any gut reaction is instantly posted. I’m not sure about you … but I’ve had a few instances where my gut reaction was to say one thing but didn’t. Then as time went on and I thought about my reaction, I realized it was an overreaction and I was glad I didn’t say anything.

Maybe … we need a little more of that thinking before reacting?

Maybe … some people need to grow thicker skin and not take everything personally?

Maybe … some people should not worry about speaking for others?

OH! … and maybe for people to find their fucking sense of humor that vanished when political correctness infiltrated our society.