Too Much Butter

I like butter as much as the next guy with clogged arteries … but sometimes restaurants go way overboard! It’s not too bad when they throw a pat of butter on your bread. The butter starts to melt but pretty much stays a hard square. You can use what you like and then move the rest to the side of your plate. But when restaurants use liquid butter to spread on your bagel or toast, they drowned it in butter … and there’s nothing you can do about it!

You can’t grab napkins and try to wipe it off. It’s already soaked through and through. It’s no longer a condiment … it’s the meal with a little bit of bread. Even when I say go light with the butter … it still comes out dripping off the side. Shit! What would it have been like if they didn’t go easy!? It’s even worse when your bread is not brought out immediately and it sits under the heat lamps. It makes toast soggy. Nobody likes soggy toast!

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