So … I go to the optometrist to get my annual eye exam. I have insurance … but somehow still have to pay out the nose for an exam. I believe it’s because I have the nerve to want to wear contact lenses rather than glasses. The contact lens exam is extra and not covered completely by my insurance. Why is that? I couldn’t tell you! (They must make more profit on glasses than the contacts is my guess.)

It’s not like I want glasses AND contacts. If that were the case … then I could see charging extra because they have to do two tests. But if all I am wanting are contacts … shouldn’t the test just be covered with the insurance that I pay? Seems like a fair question … but I digress.

So I pay for the exam and order 6 months of contacts. Normally, I would pony up and just buy a year’s supply … but with the pandemic going on and never knowing if your job is secure and money being tight … I figured I’d play it safe and only order 6 months this time. I figured in 6 months we’ll be past this silly pandemic and I won’t have to be so tight with the purse strings. How foolish of me!

Well … 6 months have passed, I’ve gone through my supply of contacts and last I checked … we’re still knee deep in this stupid pandemic shit (fucking Covid!). In case you are lucky enough to have great vision and don’t know, the exam is good for one year.

So I call up the eye doctor and ask if they have any specials going on for the contacts I ordered 6 months ago. Of course they don’t! I ask how much it would be for another 6 month supply and just about have a heart attack.

You see, I normally go at the time when they have a promotion and there are big discounts when you buy a year supply at once … plus the insurance has an allowance that knocks down the price … a little.

(To me, you don’t get much benefit from your insurance anymore … but that’s a whole different topic we’ll get into some other time).

Since I only bought 6 months … and there is no promotion going on now … and I’ve used up my “allowance” for the year … I have to pay the full price.

Being the cheap prick that I am, I ask them if I can get the brand that I used a couple years ago. They worked great and they are $20 cheaper a box. This is the conversation that followed:

“Well … you would have to come in and be seen by the doctor and get another exam.”

Why would I need to come back in and see the doctor if my prescription is good for a year?

“Well your prescription is ONLY good for the brand of contacts you purchased.”

Yes … but I’ve worn the other brand for years and didn’t have any problems so why can’t I just get those?

“Well … your prescription is only good for the other brand.”

That makes no sense. (Frustrated, I ask) How much is an exam?

“Let’s see … $50.00.”

The cost of the exam would be more than what I would be saving buying the cheaper contacts!

“Yes … that is correct.”

The exam is the exam! They don’t do a different type of exam based upon what contact lenses you purchase! The prescription I received from my exam is good for one year so why would I need to come back and have another exam before that year is up!? Why can’t I order the cheaper contacts … that I’ve worn before … if my eyesight is supposedly the same for a year?

Am I the only one that sees this as a racket!?

Give me a fucking break! So I can order another 6 month supply … without seeing the doctor … if I get the ones she pushed on me (the more expensive ones) but If I want a cheaper brand I have to come in and pay $50.00.

I’m starting to understand why people lose their shit and snap!

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