Hotel Bathroom Fans

I have noticed at the last 5 hotels that I’ve stayed at there is no fan in the bathroom. When did this become a thing!? And who the hell thought this was a good idea? I guess if you’re traveling alone it may be fine but if you are traveling with someone else … it’s NOT okay! Inevitably at some point during your stay, you are going to need the restroom … shall we say … for what it was invented for. After using it, the polite thing to do would be to turn the fan on to make the room usable for the next person … NOT now! So, you either keep the door closed with no air circulation happening at all or you open the door to allow the air to circulate … into the room! Either way is shitty (pun intended)! And these are high end hotels that have been built recently! With all the technology we have, a fan is just too difficult to incorporate into the plans!? If you decide to build a million dollar hotel and somehow forget to put fans in the bathrooms … then the least you could do is supply a little air freshener in the bathroom. No, instead they keep leaving a bunch of useless shit like apricot chia seed hand lotion. Also, the fan was always used as a sound buffer. Can’t do that anymore! Nope! Now, everything is there for the hearing. And to make things even worse, the last few hotels I’ve stayed at have sliding barn door type doors. Sure, they look chic and hip but they are purely a visual separator that don’t keep the bathroom … in the bathroom. What the fuck is going on!? I know we live in an oversharing world … but some things are okay to keep to yourself … like what you do in the restroom.