Internet Trolls

As with everything … there is a positive side and a negative side. Yin and Yang. Balance. This has never been more true than with social media. It has allowed people to stay in contact with friends and family much easier than any other time in history. The down side of social media is that it gives every dumb asshole a platform to say stupid shit … and other dumb assholes parrot it … until it trends and become a news story.

It’s great there is now a movement empowering women to feel good about themselves and embrace their bodies as beautiful … no matter their size or shape. It is finally becoming accepted to have “plus size” models grace the covers of magazines. Why they are called plus size models is beyond me … because these are just real women. Women are supposed to have curves!

I don’t know who in the fashion industry decided that the ideal woman was supposed to have the body of a 10 year old boy? Maybe it’s easier to design clothes on a stick … I don’t know?

Or … maybe there’s another reason why … but I’m not going to dip my toe in that water.

So now the movement is to accept ALL women as beautiful and I think that’s great! Society has finally started to collectively make the shift to accept women as beautiful the way they are. Big. Small. Black. White. Yellow. There is even a model with Vitiligo named Winnie Harlow gracing the covers of magazines and redefining beauty.

We don’t get to choose the body we’re born with so we have to love what we are given and understand that variety is the spice of life. There is someone out there for everybody and someone who thinks you are perfect just the way you are. As a society we are becoming more accepting of women and seeing beauty in many forms …

… unless you’re old!

Apparently if you’re old, society doesn’t want to see it. Suzanne Somers recently posted a picture of herself on her Instagram account in her “birthday suit” sitting in a field. It was unassuming and tasteful …

… but assholes started ripping her to shreds for posting such a photo.

So, apparently there are limits to our new renaissance of acceptance … age. We are willing to accept women in their many forms … if they are young. Although we are becoming accepting of different body types … we don’t want to see old bodies.

There are pictures on the internet with Lizzo in her “birthday suit” and everyone is cheering her on and screaming body beautiful. Tess Holiday is posing and people are giving her praise.

So why not Suzanne? We’re accepting of overweight women but not old women. Doesn’t that seem to be missing the mark of the beauty movement? Aren’t all women beautiful … regardless of size, color or age.

Why don’t you post a picture of yourself when making some shitty comment so we can critique you!? I’m guessing you probably look like this …

… which is why you post comments anonymously.

What do you care if she posts a picture of herself … everyone else is! How is it any different than the pictures above?

This is the same woman who once posed in Playboy …

… and no one gave her shit then.

If we want to pat ourselves on the back as being so progressive in our beliefs … then we have to accept pictures like the ones Suzanne posted. She looks pretty damn good for 73 years old! Everybody feels the need to share their opinions because everyone feels that their opinion matters. If you don’t have anything nice to say … don’t say anything at all. We have this amazing technology at our fingertips that allows us to comment instantly on anything we see. Maybe, that’s not such a great thing. There’s no time spent thinking about what you’re going to say … or if it should even be said.

When you blurt out something stupid to a few friends, they call you an idiot and it ends there. With social media, you are able to say something and the whole world can view it instantly. Maybe we should pause and think about what we are about to say? Is the first thing that comes out of your mouth usually your best comment!? I know it’s not for me. There are many times I will say something and after hearing someone else’s opinion … I realize mine was reactive, immature and not well thought out.

If you are one of the people quick to comment, maybe stop and think for a second before you hit post.

Political Correctness

I got my coffee, settled into my worn out spot on the couch and started watching the morning news. Mostly the same old shit … weather, traffic … then this gem of a story comes across my screen:

Macy’s Ripped For Line of “Body-Shaming” Plates

Apparently, some insecure woman took offense to these and wanted to know how to get these banned in all 50 states. When she looked at these, she saw body-shaming. Seriously!? It’s meant as a joke! Even their website says:

“… so to keep you from overindulging, our tableware collection provides helpful – and hilarious – visual cues.”

They are stating it’s meant to be funny! Why don’t you just calm the fuck down and stop trying to make everything into a cause you have to fight. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it …but don’t demand it be recalled just because you don’t like it!

How come no “activist” made a big deal about body-shaming when Bloomberg started pushing the soda ban in New York. Wasn’t he trying to “body-shame” fat people? The whole law came about because of obesity in America. How come no one dragged him over the coals for not accepting fat people the way they are? Or is that not body-shaming if you’re talking about obese people … because that’s okay? It sure seems like there is some hypocrisy is this body-shaming argument.

There are numerous other people who might have seen the humor in these plates and purchased them. If they were truly offensive then no one would have bought them and they would have been pulled off the shelf anyway.

I’m tired of the rampant activism and the political correctness that follows. How did we get to a point where a single insecure person can make a $21 billion company, like Macy’s, shiver in fear and pull a product!? Political correctness has gone way too far! No one is allowed to do anything outside of the collective snowflake idea. These loud-mouthed, self-proclaimed social justice warriors have essentially become the thought police from Orwell’s 1984. The irony is … if you asked them if they approve of someone telling them what they can think or say, they would scream “NO!” … but they’re too stupid to realize that’s exactly what they’re doing!

It’s disappointing how quickly these days companies will apologize and grovel, for some product that is misconstrued or labeled as insensitive. Quickly getting on their social media to apologize personally to a single individual whose feelings are hurt … and promising to do better. I’d have a lot more respect for a company that said “I’m sorry you feel that way … but others find it funny, so we’re keeping it available for them to purchase.”

Guess what activists … you’re not the only ones living here. There are 300 million people living in these United States. Are you so arrogant to think that you get to speak for all of us. Guess what … I’m one of them and I don’t want or need you speaking for me! Just because you find something offensive doesn’t mean I will!

This is one of the major downfalls of social media. It’s just too simple for someone to voice their (sometimes stupid) opinion and have it seen by the company instantly. If they had to sit down, write a letter, address the envelope and mail it off … they’d definitely say “Fuck it. That’s too much work.” But since it’s as easy as typing on your phone and hitting send … any gut reaction is instantly posted. I’m not sure about you … but I’ve had a few instances where my gut reaction was to say one thing but didn’t. Then as time went on and I thought about my reaction, I realized it was an overreaction and I was glad I didn’t say anything.

Maybe … we need a little more of that thinking before reacting?

Maybe … some people need to grow thicker skin and not take everything personally?

Maybe … some people should not worry about speaking for others?

OH! … and maybe for people to find their fucking sense of humor that vanished when political correctness infiltrated our society.