RedBox Readers

Ever since my beloved MovieTown rental store closed down, I had to find a new place to rent DVD’s. I could stream … but sometimes I just want a DVD that I can pop in the player and not have to worry about buffering issues. So, since movie rental places have gone by the wayside, RedBox was the next best thing … or so I thought. I had seen the kiosks in the grocery store but never paid much attention to them. Once I started using them, I realized there is a new type of person I despise. The person who stands at the kiosk and reads the description of every fucking movie in the machine. Seriously!? If you’re scanning the titles to see what movies are there, I can understand that … but if you are reading the synopsis of the movies, you’re an asshole. Especially if there are people behind you! Step off to the side and go on the internet on your phone if you want to read what every movie is about. They have a website you know! You’re holding up the people who know what movie they want. Honestly, the whole process should take you no longer than 2 minutes. Also, have your fucking credit card out and ready! Don’t dig through your purse looking for it. And so help me God, the asshole parent that let’s their little Timmy press all the buttons so HE can rent the movie. “Oh no, sweetie. Wrong button. Start over.” Maybe you didn’t know I was behind you? Highly unlikely, since I’ve been aggressively sighing for the last 5 minutes and started mumbling (loud enough for you to hear me) “Are you fucking serious, right now!? Pick a fucking movie already!” It blows me away how oblivious and self-important people have become.