California Budget Surplus!?

I’m just going to warn you right now, that if you are easily offended by obscene language then you probably want to stop reading this right now. I’m pretty sure that this is going to turn into a Planes, Trains and Automobiles moment as I go through the details of this.

As I read the paper this morning, I stumbled upon a column that states that the LAO (Legislative Analyst’s Office) of California predicts that there will be a $31 billion surplus for the 2022 budget year starting July 1st.

That’s billion with a “B” in case you glossed over that last sentence!

If this is not clear evidence that the greedy mother fuckers in Sacramento are taking too much of our money … then I don’t know what is!? I warned you the language was not going to be pretty … but how can you read that and not have a string of expletives fall out of your mouth!?

People have been struggling due to the pandemic. Struggling to put food on the table … struggling to pay their mortgage … struggling to pay for gas … and the state government is awash with cash … OUR CASH!

That surplus of money will exceed a constitutional limit on spending by more than $14 billion. (Holy shit! … there’s actually a limit on spending … that’s news to me … but apparently there’s no limit on collecting!) The surplus could require Pretty Boy Newsom and the group of criminals called “lawmakers” to either cut taxes … spend more money on schools and infrastructure … or perhaps give rebates to taxpayers. Any guess on the route they’ll take? My bet is on spending!

Newsom indicated that his preferred choice is to give the money back to taxpayers.

Preferred choice!?

Fuck you! Give me MY money back dick … and don’t tax me on it either … like you do on the tax refunds … I used to get!

“How we framed that historic surplus last year, similarly, we will frame our approach this year. I’m very proud of the historic tax rebate last year, and I look forward to making the decision that I think is in the best interests of 40 million Californians.” – Newsom

Wow! Don’t hurt yourself sucking your own dick Newsom! You’re so modest. If you didn’t catch that … there was a surplus last year also! If you don’t think they are taxing us too much … you’re a fucking idiot!

California businesses reported a record high $216.8 billion in taxable sales, a 38.8% increase over last year. Taxes on income, sales and corporations were 40% higher than September of last year … and don’t forget that last year we were all still struggling to pay bills due to the pandemic. Did the State Government care? It sure doesn’t seem like it! Now we know … the reason we were struggling is because the state was taking all of our fucking money!

Nick Maduros, director of the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration said …

It is a sign that business owners found creative ways to adapt during a difficult year.” – Nick Maduros

For any business owner who lost their business during the last year due to exorbitant taxes, government mandated shutdowns and prohibitive regulations … I guess you just weren’t creative enough! Here’s a picture of this tone deaf asshole, so you can put a face to the name.

Continuing along with the theme of stupid quotes from detached politicians …here’s a quote from Toni Atkins. (seen below)

“California’s strong fiscal health is not an accident. It is the direct result of a decade of responsible budgeting by Democratic legislators and governors that enabled the state to survive the pandemic downturn.” – Toni Atkins

Please tell me that you’re not buying that load of shit!

She is the the Senate President Pro Tempore who obviously has “higher-office aspirations” made obvious with her knob slobbering comments about her Democratic Party. You can stop stroking the governor … he does enough of it himself … he doesn’t need your help.

The amount of taxes collected is obscene (proven by the projected surplus) and yet they have the gall to say they don’t have enough money to accomplish all the things they want to do. Are you fucking serious!?

You obviously have more than enough money … you just don’t know what the fuck you’re doing!

At the same press conference where King Newsom said that his preference would be to give the money back to taxpayers, he also said he’d like to put most of the surplus either in the state’s savings account or spend it on one-time items that don’t require funding “so that we’re not caught flat-footed when the economy contracts, when the markets begin to adjust.”

Fuck you, you arrogant prick! The tax payers would like to keep their money in their own savings accounts or spend it themselves! You know damn well the Governor and the legislature are going to spend it on some bullshit pet project rather than save it for a “rainy day” like they stated. They’ll just spend it and then when the “economy contracts” … they will just cry in the camera and say they need more money. It’s the same shit that happens ad nauseam and the electorate … being a bunch of dumb shits … keeps voting for the same thing over and over and over again. There is some sort of phrase about insanity that comes to mind.

These greedy mother fuckers just take, take, take … but can’t ever seem to ever fix anything. Homeless people … oops, I mean … “unhoused individuals” (these new names and terms they come up with constantly are fucking ridiculous) are on every street now. We haven’t done anything to address the water shortage. We have some of the highest taxes on gas and the worst roads. We spend a shit ton of money per student and get dismal results. If you don’t believe me, just try giving a young worker $5.12 when your total comes up to $3.62 and watch their reaction.

The state constitution requires that lawmakers spend about 40% of state tax collection on public education which translate to an additional $11 billion going to schools because of the surplus. Awesome! More money to help push this fucking CRT bullshit and and continue the brainwashing of our kids!

I don’t know … maybe I’m the only one in this state who likes keeping my money!? I must be! All the smart people packed up and got the fuck out of this backwards-ass state. I guess I’m just the idiot who stays. I guess I like getting dry fucked on a regular basis!

Don’t blame me, I did my part to try to recall him! Unfortunately, I don’t have the power to suspend the mail … so all the dead people’s votes made it to the polling stations just in time.

I guess it’s time to start looking at other states to live in … where at least I’ll get lubed up first. If you have any suggestions on where I should move, please email me at

Protesting Is NOT A Job

Am I the only one tired of seeing protests!?

I realize that it’s our right under The Constitution to peacefully assemble to show our displeasure with something that is happening and I certainly wouldn’t want to take that right away from anyone but for fuck’s sake … give it a rest! You don’t have to protest EVERYTHING!

Every fucking day there is some group out there protesting this, protesting that … and it gets to the point where I don’t even care if there is legitimacy to their complaint … I’m just tired of seeing protests! If you are a protester reading this screaming:

“It is my right as an American to protest the injustice I see going on in my country!”

Yes, you are ABSOLUTELY right. It is your right to protest the injustice you see. I would never take that away from you.

But as an American, it is ALSO my right … to not give a flying fuck about whatever you’re screaming about!

There are some people that just feel they aren’t alive unless they’re protesting. They look for something to be pissed about just so that they can go to the streets with “like-minded” people and show that “they are not gonna stand for this any longer!” They thrive on the idea that they now belong to something … they are part of a group! Get a life!

There is a large segment of the population who believe protesting is an actual job! I mean … why wouldn’t they!? The government is sending them a check so they don’t have to go to a 9am-5pm job … so with their freed up time they feel the need to take to the streets and tow the party line.

Why don’t you take the time that you are out protesting stupid shit … and go to a fucking job fair and get a REAL job! I’ve never seen a job fair for protesting … have you!? That must mean it’s not a REAL job.

Even if I wanted to, I don’t have time to protest because I’m too busy trying to make ends meet and pay bills. I suppose I could go on the weekend … but in all honesty … I can’t think of a fucking thing that makes me want to get up and march in the streets. Maybe, I’m just lazy. That’s not to say that I haven’t been pissed off at things that happen but I don’t feel that protesting is the streets is worthy of my time. I guess I’m just different. Old fashioned … or maybe just old.

I will begrudgingly admit that protests do have an impact sometimes … (especially in an election year) … because the politicians are whores and fall all over themselves trying to appease the protesters and whatever bullshit they are screaming about. Why? Because they all want to get re-elected. They slobber all over the latest cause so they “can be on the right side of history” but really it’s just to make sure they’re not the target of the next protest.

A prime example of this is all the politicians support of the BLM protests. Really!? I could have sworn that a day ago you were on the television imploring me to stay inside and NOT gather in large groups because that WILL spread the virus. Then all of a sudden these assholes take to the streets, gathering in large groups and you get on the television talking about how you support people’s right to protest. What!? If that’s not talking out of both sides of your mouth and catering to a political agenda … I don’t know what is! The truth of the matter is that they really didn’t support protesting due to the pandemic but because it was about BLM … they just shut their mouth because they are cowards and didn’t want to tread into those waters.

For the record … all you assholes who participated in the BLM protests ARE directly responsible for the second surge of the coronavirus outbreak!

None of the politicians have the balls to tell you that … so I just figured I would. Hate mail goes to:

I digress. I got slightly off topic there. I don’t mean for this rant to turn into a BLM attack piece. I’ll save that for another post.

I understand the idea behind protesting and believe it does have a time and place. But currently there are so many people protesting …. every … fucking … thing … under the sun that I’m just tone deaf to it all. If I see you in a group of people holding a sign … I’m automatically turned off. I don’t want to hear anything you have to say!

I wish you’d put as much effort into a job as you do protesting. You might not be “disenfranchised” if you worked that hard at a real job. You might actually climb the ladder of success and not have to protest how unfair life is.

California Politician’s Hypocrisy

Gavin Newsom
David Chiu

A few days ago Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1482. Under this new law property owners across the state cannot increase rent by more than 5% annually. David Chiu (D-SanFrancisco) authored the bill and stated “Our bill ensures tenants are protected against rent gouging …”

I won’t comment on whether I believe this is a good or bad bill because it’s irrelevant to the point I want to make. What I WANT to do is draw attention to the sheer hypocrisy of the governing body of California.

Let’s break this down.

In 1978 a landmark bill named Proposition 13 was passed by California voters. The bill limited the government’s power to increase property taxes to 2% annually. At the time, California County Assessors were pricing people out of their homes with re-assessed home values to try to increase their revenue. Although the government aggressively fought to defeat the passage of this bill … the voters prevailed.

Essentially, it was a law to prevent government from gouging property owners.

California government has constantly tried to repeal or knock down Prop 13 because it dramatically decreased the amount of revenue they can collect from property owners. Now the California Government has a ballot measure on the 2020 ballot to reform Prop 13 to re-assess commercial properties every three years thus creating a windfall in revenues for the State … at the expense of property owners.

In case any of you are having a hard time spotting the hypocrisy … let me spell it out for you. Apparently the government doesn’t like limits being put on it’s ability to collect revenue but they have no problem putting limits on their constituent’s ability to collect revenue. California is trying to get rid of the limit put on them while concurrently putting limits on property owners. I’m no scholar … but that sure seems to be the definition of hypocrisy to me!

Obviously a huge increase in rent is a problem that many people can’t afford. So, on it’s face, the bill seems like a good idea but it goes against free enterprise. I understand that something needs to be done to prevent people from their rent skyrocketing but when you have government stepping in and placing limits on property owners while at the same time trying to strike down a law that puts limits on the government … it just seems a little hypocritical.

Now looking towards the future …

Am I the only one nervous about the Government’s attack on Proposition 13!?

There is no limit to the amount of money the State Government wants to collect from it’s tax payers. What’s worse is that the majority of Californians take joy in fucking themselves over. There was already a state gas tax that goes to pay for roads … but it wasn’t enough for our money hungry state politicians … so they proposed another tax and it passed! Where the fuck are these Californians that keep voting for more taxes!?

Honestly, I’m a bit nervous about this ballot initiative to reform Prop 13 because I don’t have any faith left in my fellow Californians! They seem to be the easiest group of people to dupe! A $9-billion dollar bond Californians passed in 2008 to build a bullet train! Has anyone taken a ride on that bullet train yet!?

The government says it will only reform Prop 13 to affect commercial properties. Yeah, right! … and I’m holding the winning Lottery ticket for tonight’s drawing. Maybe they’ll start with that but once they earmark that money for some free program for illegal immigrants, they will be looking for another revenue source! You don’t think they are going to go after residential home owners when that time comes!?

How gullible are you? Rhetorical question!

Current State of Politics

The current state of politics in this country is a complete shitshow. Before you automatically align me with whatever political leaning you have so that you can feel like we’re on the same page … STOP! This has nothing to do with the left or the right … because as far as I’m concerned both sides are equally fucked-up. The whole institution has become so perverted that burning it to the ground and starting over seems to be the only logical solution.

Note to F.B.I.there’s no need to come knocking on my door. I don’t have a manifesto and I’m not literally planning some elaborate scheme to “burn down” the government … so just relax. There’s plenty of real threats you should focus on rather than some pessimistic whiner with a blog.

Both Democrats and Republicans are so focused on proving to us how egregious the other side is … they spend no time doing their fucking job of legislating. WAIT!! I may have found the silver lining in this whole mess. When the parties are so focused on showing us what evil pieces of shit the other side is … they don’t have time to pass ridiculous laws … (like these) … so maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem.

There is no high road anymore. Politicians used to try to keep a certain level of decorum. There were certain unspoken rules and topics you didn’t touch on. Somewhere along the line, politicians started tip toeing into those topics and no one called them out on it. The media ignored their journalistic oath in favor of ratings … and politics just slowly devolved until we reached the point we are at today. I suppose politicians are just a reflection of our society. Clearly we are heading towards Idiocracy!*

Politics used to be a chess game. You would outsmart your opponent and appear to be the better choice for the constituent’s vote. Politicians would convince you that they were worried about the same things you’re worried about and they are just like you. A politician would spend their time convincing you of the Utopian society they envision if elected and make outrageous statements about how they will make it a reality.

Now politicians just spend their time and money slinging shit and telling you what a complete fuck up the other candidate is. No vision necessary. Now they just try to convince you they are the lesser of two evils. It’s the equivalent of the nation being on an episode of Jerry Springer.

I realize that politics have always been somewhat dirty but it seems to me like it is worse than any time I can remember in recent history. A majority of the populace has no idea about civics anymore. If you are currently saying “I know about Honda. They make good cars.” … then you are part of the problem dumb shit! (Please click unfollow immediately!) Nobody knows their rights or duties to live in this crumbling Democratic Republic. All people are interested in anymore is what the politician promises to give to them. Hard work is a thing of the past. Entitlement is the new norm.

I don’t see any viable candidates on any fucking side anymore. Anybody who actually might be worth a shit steers clear of politics because they know they won’t be able to change a system so entrenched in cronyism. The whole system has become an elitist cash cow. People that are elected to office usually look for a similar office when termed out because what other job can you vote yourself a raise!? Politics were never meant to be a career! There are many candidates that campaigned on changing the system but once elected … they get devoured by the system. They find they are trying to change an establishment so large that they eventually succumb to things they promised to change … and thus become part of the problem.

The only hope we have is that most things are cyclical. Eventually things will turn around. Whoa … sorry! That sounded optimistic. I didn’t mean it! Actually … it is more likely that we will go the way of the Roman Empire. So self-aggrandizing and corrupt that we crumble from the inside out. Maybe not. Possibly there is someone in the fringe who will have a call to action and sweep change into our system. Help bring politics back into a meaningful state of affairs. Bring it back to a level of talking about issues and working on problems that will make our lives better.

Yeah … let’s believe that! I’m reminded of an old adage:

“Wish in one hand, shit in the other … and see which one fills up first.”


* In 2006, Mike Judge made a hilarious movie called Idiocracy. It chronicles the decline of civilization and the human race becoming a race of slow-witted, stupid idiots. In this movie the office of POTUS has become a joke. Terry Crews (top picture of this blog with Trump) portrays President Camacho in a hilarious take on what the Office of the President will be like in the future. Nostradamus has nothing on Mike Judge. This is definitely a gotta see movie!