White Guilt Bullshit

What the fuck is going on!? Did we step into the Twilight Zone? We currently have a whole generation of Americans who have bought into the idea that you have to feel guilty for being white.

Wait! What!? We have to feel guilty because of our skin color!? Umm … isn’t that racist?

Do you think if we told black people they should feel guilty because of their skin color that would fly!? No fucking way! They would not put up with that shit for a second … and they shouldn’t! Nobody gets to pick what race they are born into and no one should have to apologize for it … but somehow a majority of white people are.

White people … you are being duped. Are you stupid!? How do you not see this!? Are you too afraid to stand up and call bullshit for fear of being called a racist. Who gives a fuck if someone calls you a racist! You KNOW in your heart if you are racist or not … so why do you care so much what someone else says?

If someone called you a pedophile would you just accept it and believe you’re a pedophile. I’m hoping not … but somehow people are willing to do it when being called a racist.

In case you are not familiar with what “white guilt” is … but honestly I don’t know how you couldn’t be since it’s in your face everywhere … it is the idea that anybody that has white skin should feel guilty because white European settlers brought African slaves to the United States during the TransAtlantic slave trade. Whether you have any relation to anybody involved with that or not is irrelevant … just being white means you had something to do with it … and should feel guilty about it!

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the idea of white guilt a racist belief in of itself … since your blaming me for something just because of the color of my skin … but I’ll stop making sense because that will just fuck up any brainwashing that is currently in progress.

African American people are not the only people that have been slaves.

There have been Chinese slaves, Jewish slaves, Muslim slaves and I’m sure many more that I’m not going to take the time to research. Just about every race has been enslaved at some point in time by every race but only white people need to wear the scarlet letter for it.

(Umm … even black people have enslaved black people but we don’t like to talk about that because that REALLY fucks up the narrative.)

I am in no way trying to diminish the atrocities African slaves had to endure when they were brought to the United States. It was terrible… but I didn’t do it! Even if someone in my lineage took part in the slave trade … that doesn’t make ME guilty. Don’t tell me that I need to feel guilty for being white just because white people owned slaves. If we are going to use those metrics then every black person should feel guilty for the actions of Joseph Kony.

“The things Kony did are terrible and I have nothing to do with that … so don’t associate me with him just because of the color of my skin!”

Exactly! White slave owners have nothing to do with me just because they were white.

Perceived racism is another reason white people are supposed to be feeling guilty. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel white guilt because they were slaves … or because of racism. We’re just gonna throw everything at the wall and see what sticks … because we don’t care why you feel guilty … just so long as you feel guilty.

Your feeling guilty makes it easier for us to advance our agenda.

It appears that it’s already sticking and getting out of control. Recently Coca-Cola introduced diversity training for their employees that tries to teach them to be … wait for it … “less white.” I wish I was making this shit up but …

Can you imagine if there was a training course that told black people to be less black!? This shit is absolutely absurd … yet there are white people buying into this shit! How stupid can someone be!? Never mind … forget I asked that. This “training course” was pulled quickly after people caught wind of it and started asking “What The Fuck!?” Luckily an employee took a screenshot … otherwise no one would have ever believed this could be real!

I don’t know about you … but I was curious as fuck to see who could possibly have the nerve to float this shit so I had to put a face to the name Robin DiAngelo. Here ya go …

She’s fucking white! Shouldn’t SHE be offended by this!? This woman never stopped to question if THIS might be racist? Of course not! She’s a “woke” professor in academia that perpetuates the narrative that all white people are racist. This woman and her beliefs are what keep racism going!

Racism is present in EVERY ethnicity. It’s a HUMAN trait … not a white person trait. Look at what is happening in China now with the Uighur Muslims. There are no white people in that equation. I’ll check to see if #ChineseGuilt is trending after I finish writing this … but I’m guessing it won’t be.

In case you are not well schooled (which may be the case if you went to a public school here in the United States where you are indoctrinated from a very young age) … every race discriminates against other races. It’s not pretty … but it’s true. No one likes to talk about it but there are blacks that are racist towards whites. Is anybody floating the idea of black guilt? I doubt it. Black people are not guilty of ANYTHING in 2021 America. They are the victim in every circumstance.

Now the talk of reparations has surfaced again! Are you serious!? All this boils down to is a money grab!

Nobody living in America today was ever a slave. Even if your great, great, great, grandad was a slave … that doesn’t affect your life today! There is nothing in the United States today that is preventing a black person from becoming successful … except themselves. Some of the richest people in America are black!

Robert F. Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Eddie Murphy, Dr. Dre, Daymond John, Dave Chapelle, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Michael Jordan. These are just a few examples of the richest but there are plenty of black Americans that are wealthier than a lot of white people. Look at any rapper in his video flashing wads of cash while driving in his Lamborghini. I don’t have a Lamborghini … do you? It doesn’t look like he needs reparations, does it?

Sure, there are poor black communities that make it difficult for anybody living in them to get ahead … but it is not impossible. It just takes hard work, perseverance and a little bit of luck … but even with those things … there are no guarantees in this life. Just because your black and poor doesn’t mean you are owed anything. If you want to be wealthy, it takes hard work … not a victim mentality.

I won’t lie. There are racist people in the United States … but it’s on an individual level. It is not a national problem like the media is pushing.

I’m sure Professor Patterson will be labeled an “Uncle Tom” because he’s contradicting the narrative being pushed. He is a black professor at Harvard which normally would be considered a great accomplishment … but not if you’re contradicting the Newspeak of the cabal. Then what you’re saying has no value and they’ll label it racist or some other term to discredit what you’re saying … even if you’re considered an expert in your field!

On a side note … who the fuck are the people pushing this shit!? Who’s driving the narrative?

Who is the “man behind the curtain” stirring this shit up? Who’s leading this brainwashing? I don’t know … do you? Suddenly something is “trending” and it’s the top story whether it’s newsworthy or not. Everyday that passes, I feel more and more like Dorothy in a world that I don’t recognize. But I digress.

When did everyone drink the Kool-Aid!?

This is brainwashing at it’s finest. Wake-up white people! You can agree that the slavery that occurred in the infancy of this nation was terrible without feeling guilty for it. The two are not mutually exclusive. You have nothing to do with the slavery that occurred so you don’t need to feel guilty for it. You’re being played. Everybody should be treated according to their actions … not their skin color. I’m not quite sure how we got to this place … but I’m fucking tired of it.

White people … pull your head out of your ass and don’t fall for this propaganda! Stop putting your tail between your legs when someone calls you a racist. And you don’t need to go out and prove you’re not racist … just treat all people with kindness and respect and hopefully they will do the same and we can put an end to all this divisive rhetoric. Whoa, that sounded real Kumbaya-ish, didn’t it? Sorry … I didn’t mean it!

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Proud Boys Controversy

Let me start out by saying that I don’t believe any race is superior to any other. We are all selfish assholes looking out for our own self interest … no matter what color your skin is. With that being said … what I’m about to say is probably going to piss off some people and have other people screaming …

If you can’t entertain a different point of view for a moment or are easily triggered … do me a favor and just leave now and go watch some cat videos.

If you’re still with me, here we go …

I know this goes against everything that you hear on the news and it will be hard for you to believe because it goes against the ideology you’ve blindly bought into … but it’s true. The real reason for the rise of white nationalism has nothing to do with Trump and has everything to do with the hypocrisy of the media. I’m not talking about the “Fake News” bullshit that Trump whines about like a broken record every time he hears something he doesn’t agree with … I’m talking about an agenda the media is pushing and the blatant hypocrisy that no one is allowed to address or they get shouted down as a racist. Don’t believe me? Hear me out!

White supremacist groups existed when Obama was elected president, correct!? You’d think they would have lost their shit and came out of the woodwork when a BLACK president was elected!? That is a white supremacists nightmare! But I don’t remember hearing much about white supremacists during that time? They grumbled about the election results but pretty much kept to themselves. When they complained about having a president that was black they were told by the media that our country is moving into a new era and their ideas about race were outdated and have no place in the dialogue of this country.

Then comes the Black Lives Matter movement and the media embraces it and makes it a top story every night on the evening news, endorsing it … promoting it … praising it. Repeating how much Black Lives Matter and how ALL white people are to blame for the problems black people face. They make a point to highlight and keep repeating any story where a white officer shoots a black man and label him guilty without even hearing the facts. Every news story suddenly is about race.

So …. the media lambasted white supremacists for their views about race but now support that view when it comes to black people.

What the fuck did you think was going to happen!?

Everything the media covers now is about black people and how ALL white people are racist. THAT is why you see white nationalism coming to the surface in the form of groups like the Proud Boys. People don’t like being told they are something they are not.

At first, people understood what the protests were about and didn’t have a problem with them. Any rational person could see what happened to George Floyd was wrong and the protests were a natural reaction to the injustice seen on the video … but it quickly turned into something else.

With the unwavering support of the media and weak politicians who are terrified of being …

“on the wrong side of history”

… the Black Lives Matter movement demanded they be allowed to paint their message on a public street. If they were not granted this demand they would scream that the city was racist and it’s proof of the systemic racism in our culture. Get the fuck outta here! So, with no politician having the guts to tell them “No. This is a public street.” … they painted the words BLACK LIVES MATTER in huge letters large enough to see from outer space.

How is this not racist!? Can you imagine a street with the words White Lives Matter painted on it? Holy Fucking Shit! Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would trip over each other trying to get there first to denounce it and scream racism! Yet … the street painted in Hollywood somehow is not racist. When shit like this happens … some white people start to get upset at the blatant hypocrisy.

Some people started to question the motives of the movement since it was supposed to be about “equality” and asked “Don’t all lives matter?” and oh my God … people lost their shit!

This isn’t about white people, this is about black people!”

(Ummm … isn’t that statement inherently racist?)

People like Billie Eilish went off the deep end with diatribes like this:

Uh … Billie … I think your “woke” ideology has blinded you from seeing the reality of what’s going on. The whole generation she is a part of has been duped. They want equality for everybody but the shit going on now with the Black Lives Matter is not about equality … it’s a race war and it’s being fueled by the media … not The President.

If you support the movement then I’m sure your eye is starting to twitch and your screaming …

“Black people just want equality and that’s what they are protesting!”

Yes, that may be what it started out as but clearly it has morphed into something completely different now. The lines and message have blurred and now you have Antifa and NFAC that are advocating for separation from whites and the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t necessarily trying to separate themselves from this bullshit:

– Click the image to watch the video –

John Jay Fitzgerald Johnson, known as Grand Master Jay, claims leadership of the group[6] and has stated that it is composed of “ex military shooters.”[7] Johnson, who was an independent candidate for U.S. president in 2016,[6] stated, “We are a Black militia. We aren’t protesters, we aren’t demonstrators. We don’t come to sing, we don’t come to chant. That’s not what we do.”[8] Furthermore, in the same interview, Johnson expressed Black Nationalist views, putting forth the view that the United States should either hand the state of Texas over to African-Americans so that they may form an independent country, or allow African-Americans to depart the United States to another country that would provide land upon which to form an independent nation.[4] – excerpt from Wikipedia

I’m sure if you support Black Lives Matter then you would say that is a fringe group and you can’t cluster them in with the legitimate protests. Well … not all white people are racists … but Black Lives Matter sure doesn’t have a problem lumping all white people together and calling them ALL racists!

White people are getting tired of being called racists and tired of the hypocrisy which is why you are seeing groups like the Proud Boys forming. Black people scream about wanting to be equal but until you get rid of BET, The NAACP Image Awards, Miss Black USA Scholarship Pageant, The National Urban League, The Congressional Black Caucus and all the other “black only” groups … nobody is buying that you want equality. You see the hypocrisy, right!?

Yahoo now has a section for stories that are exclusively black. What would happen if there was a section for white people only? Oh yeah! There was and laws were written to make it illegal … yet it’s okay for black people to do it now. It has now become accepted to promote Black Owned shops! Do you think they could have a section for White Owned shops. Fuck No!

Why is that even a category!? Should it matter if the shop owner is black … or should it just matter if you like the shit they’re selling!? Etsy recently took things a step further and removed any merchandise that was related to the Proud Boys.

Their explanation was as follows:

Selling such items violates the company’s policies prohibiting “among other things, hate against protected identities [and] attempting to incite violence against individuals or groups.”

If this is their policy then why is it okay for them to continue selling this:

… or this …

Last time I checked the Black Panthers were a militant group that stood for black pride. How is that different from white pride? Answer: It’s not!

The media is playing a dangerous game with the country and unfortunately there are too many people who let emotion get in the way of rational thinking and blindly believe the narrative the media is pushing. So if you think that The President is responsible for the rise in white nationalism, I would have to disagree. It is the media that is responsible and Trump is the scapegoat!

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Cancel Culture Bullshit

As I’ve stated many times before, if I hurt your delicate feelings, tell me what an asshole I am at: comments@todayspetpeeve.com – I can’t wait to hear from you!

Now … let’s get into it!

For anybody who doesn’t know what “Cancel Culture” is … let me break it down in the simplest terms.

It’s character assassination.

If you don’t espouse the beliefs of the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) faction then you become a target. Once targeted, a smear campaign begins to label you as a racist, misogynist, fascist … or whatever label has traction at the moment. They “hashtag” with like-minded dumb shits until it becomes viral, thus giving the false appearance of legitimacy to the bullshit they’re spewing … all because it’s trending on some search engine. Then the news media reports it as a legitimate story because they are all whores for sensationalism and ratings. Once the news channels pick up the story it is broadcast to a broader audience and becomes headline news. (News stations report on what’s trending now … not what’s newsworthy.)

All this happens in such a short amount of time with the technology we have that the person is tried in the media before they even have time to defend themselves. And let’s face it … these days you are guilty until you can unequivocally prove you are innocent! Even then, your reputation is already ruined whether the statements were true or not … and that’s what it’s all about. People have such short attention spans now and news cycles are so quick, that the damage is done and no one is paying attention anymore once the person debunks the allegations.

These people will bring up shit from decades ago and crucify a person for something they did that doesn’t fit in with their ideology. It’s all about control and pushing a narrative. People make mistakes. I don’t know about you … but I’ve made a few in my lifetime. I’ve learned and moved on. I don’t need some anonymous faction hiding behind a computer dredging up my past mistakes to use against me … but that’s exactly what is happening to people.

Somewhere along the line, there is a group of people online who have amassed entirely too much sway and decide what is now acceptable and what’s not. To be completely honest … I don’t even know who the fuck they are! Do you!?

Suddenly … a story will appear about something someone did or said. It could be recently or decades ago … it really doesn’t matter. If it’s in contrast to the vision of the SJW New World Order … then the person is called out and put on notice. At that point, the person can bow down in submission and fall on their sword apologizing … or they can try to defend themselves. A few have tried to say they are innocent and then a day later they are on the news falling all over themselves apologizing for something they said they didn’t do … just a day ago.

What is happening behind the scenes that I’m not seeing!?

This group believes they are righteous and use the premise of helping the disenfranchised but really what they are practicing is a form of authoritarianism. In the simplest of terms … bullying. They get to decide what is deemed acceptable and if you have the gall to go against them, then they take to social media and start a smear campaign against you. If you resist … they call on their brainwashed minions to “cancel” you and the media is lock and step with this narrative.

What the fuck happened to being able to have a different opinion!?

In today’s world, if you have a different opinion … you are the ENEMY! Not someone who has a different opinion … but the enemy. Civil discussions of ideas or differing viewpoints are a thing of the past. People don’t want to hear opinions that are not like their own. As a society, we have regressed and don’t want to think … and certainly don’t want to think critically. It’s much easier to simply buy into an ideology and just repeat the established talking points rather than think for ourselves and debate the merits of someone’s view point.

It has become the “You are either with me … or against me!” mindset. Society has become so polarized that there is no room for different beliefs to co-exist. Rather than embracing difference, it’s much easier to get rid of beliefs that don’t align with your own. It’s eerily being steered towards George Orwell’s novel 1984 where people don’t question things and think what they are told to think.

All the SJW mouth pieces scream about diversity and say that’s what they are fighting for … but I don’t think they even know what the fuck it really means!

If they believed in diversity then they would believe it’s okay for someone to have a different opinion … even as stupid as they think the opinion may be. Diversity is made up of the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s okay to have a different opinion and agree to disagree with the person but to discredit their opinion because it’s not like yours is ignorant and small minded. Trust me, I believe some of the opinions that are being floated lately are absolutely ridiculous but people are allowed to have their own opinions … even if they’re stupid and I don’t agree with them.

I fear the SJW ideology is gaining traction because the majority of people are so worried about being called a racist that they lack the courage of their convictions to stand by their position. Honestly, who cares if someone calls you a racist!? If someone calls you a racist then you should feel pride in the fact that you argued your point of view so well that they resorted to name calling to distract you from the fact they couldn’t argue their point effectively! If you know you are not a racist then their words should hold no meaning.

When someone resorts to name calling when they have a different opinion … it is disingenuous at best. They are the actions of a person who couldn’t successfully argue anymore so they resort to name calling in a last ditch effort to silence you.

These loudmouthed fuckers will scream at you and tell you that you are a racist or a bigot when you won’t just concede to their point of view. The irony is that they themselves are bigots by that very action!

(Maybe they should learn the definition of a word before they start using it. I’m just saying!)

This attempt at social engineering is getting old and needs to end. People can be racist rednecks … if they want. They won’t be liked by all but if they want to be small thinkers then they are entitled to do so. The society as a whole will leave them behind to their own little part of the world when the majority of people don’t agree with that mindset anymore … but you can’t force people to change. The only thing you can do … or should do … is point out flaws in their beliefs and if they are open to change then they will change … but if they are not, that should be okay. You shouldn’t yell them into submission and try to ruin their lives because they don’t believe the same thing you do. As long as they are not harming another person or depriving them of their pursuit of happiness … then live and let live. You can’t be the thought police.

Screaming at me and calling me names is not going to make me buy into your bullshit agenda.

Can we give it a fucking rest already!?