Blackface Outrage

Let me start out by saying that if you are a person who has never done anything regrettable when you were younger … congratulations! Now … let me follow that up by calling you a liar. The person who tries to tell you they’ve never done anything offensive … is full of shit and hiding something probably worse than what you’re hiding. Nobody is perfect and people make mistakes. Those mistakes should NOT define a person.

Recently it was brought to light that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dressed up in blackface at a party … 18 years ago. He was teaching at a private school in 2001 that had an Arabian-Nights themed gala he attended. He innocently dressed up as a character from Aladdin and is now being crucified by the press. It was a fucking costume party! Relax!

This was obviously brought to light by somebody with an agenda. This happened almost 2 decades ago and now it’s being brought up … to be judged by today’s standards. You can try to argue with me … but I stand on the fact that the culture was just different in 2001. Things that “trigger” people now were dismissed 18 years ago as poor judgement … and people let it go. In today’s over-the-top, hyper-sensitive climate people can’t make any mistakes … EVER … or they are not fit to serve. They need to resign immediately! It’s fucking absurd!

Trudeau has one of the most diverse cabinets I’ve ever seen! If I didn’t know any better, I would think this was a picture from the United Nations! He’s got male, female, young, old, black, white, yellow. I’m sure one of them is probably transgender just to make sure that box is checked. He’s got Sikh people and someone in a wheel chair for fuck’s sake. I can confidently say … he’s not racist.

Obviously, it’s something I regret … and I shouldn’t have done it. – Justin Trudeau

But that’s not good enough! He has to sit in front of the camera and beg for forgiveness! He has to say how insensitive he was and that it was a huge, unforgivable mistake. He is truly sorry from the depths of his soul. He has apologized a million times but people won’t let it go. It was just a costume people!

I have to call bullshit on the whole blackface hypocrisy. White people cannot dress in blackface but black people can wear whiteface … and nobody says shit! Nothing is said about it being offensive. Everybody just laughs it off. What a double-standard!

Eddie Murphy dressed up as a white jew in Coming To America. He even played the character with the stereotypical mannerisms and voice. Nobody made issue with it.

Shawn and Marlon Wayans did White Chicks. They dressed up as stereotypical blond white women. They spoke with the typical OMG! vernacular that is associated with ditzy white women. I don’t remember any protests.

Nick Cannon put on whiteface to mock white people and their music. No one made it an issue. He did an interview in Rolling Stone about his mockery and it wasn’t even addressed. (Read the article here … and imagine if the roles were reversed!)

It’s total hypocrisy! Honestly, I don’t see any difference between what Trudeau did and the examples above. Both are simply portraying characters … and contrary to what seems to be socially acceptable now .. there’s nothing wrong with that! All he was trying to do was make his costume the best it could be for crying out loud! He wasn’t making any statement.

Do black people not have a sense of humor!? I’m guessing they do … because they see the humor in dressing up as white people and mocking how ridiculous white people can be … and yes, making fun of white people is funny too! Why is there the double-standard!? People have too much free time on their hands and are searching for something to be upset about!

Get a fucking job and stress out about making your mortgage payment … like most people! When you’re worried about paying your bills and saving for retirement … you don’t have time to get upset about stupid shit … like this.

Sorry Mr. Trudeau. It’s unfortunate … but it’s just the world we live in now.

By the way … I thought your costume knocked it out of the park!