No Separator on Conveyor Belt

I’ve never had this happen to me before … until today. I put my groceries on the conveyor belt and moved forward to the PDQ terminal to run my ATM card. I’m watching the screen, making sure everything gets rung up correctly. Matching what’s scanned to what comes up on the screen. I see the cashier get to … what I remember … was the last thing I had in my cluster of groceries. Then I look down and she’s ringing up things I didn’t get! I quickly look down to see there is a whole conveyor full of groceries. I quickly tell her that those are not my items. I look back down to the conveyor and the people behind me did not put down a separator! They didn’t even put a space between my groceries and theirs. What kind of maniacs do that!? There are unwritten rules of the conveyor belt! Your groceries should never touch my groceries! If the store does not have a separator then it’s required to leave a space between my groceries and yours. Everybody knows that!

What are these losers doing!? They didn’t even move or motion to let the cashier know that those are their groceries. What did they think was going to happen!? What was their end game!? Did they think I would pay for their groceries and then hit me up in the parking lot? What’s wrong with these people? No, “Oh! Sorry.” … or anything. And it’s not like they were conversing and not paying attention. They saw what was happening! And people wonder why I am the way I am. It’s a dog eat dog world out there! People will take advantage of you given the chance… and apparently their is no reprieve at the grocery store either!