Not Enough Diversity Bullshit

So the Oscar nominees were announced Monday. Just as the last syllable was being uttered, everybody on social media and TV starts blowing up the internet about how women and “people of color” are unrepresented. Get the fuck out of here!

How can women be unrepresented when there is a category for women named Best Actress!? Unless the Academy is nominating men in that category … then I’d say women are being represented. And how can you say that “people of color” are not represented when there is a woman of color nominated in the Best Actress category!?

There were 786 movies released this year. There are going to be winners and there are going to be losers … that’s the way life works. There are a limited amount of slots in each category. Do you want the movies to be nominated based upon how good they are … or based upon some political formula so everyone is “equally” represented!? Give me a fucking break!

Stop trying to make everything equal.

Life doesn’t work like that … no matter how much you try to socially engineer it.

I’m going to touch the third rail on this one … so if you are easily offended … stop reading NOW and Google some cat videos and go to your safe place.

As usual, angry emails go to

If you’re still with me … don’t say I didn’t warn you!

This is directed to woman and people of color (which is the new politically correct term for black people) who feel you were not represented in the Oscars. Do you want special treatment or do you want to be treated equal? I’m always hearing you say that you want equality and to be judged on your merits and not your gender or skin color. Okay, that seems fair … but you can’t cry foul when things don’t go your way! Being treated equally means you’re not special … but that’s not really what you want. You want the best of both worlds. You want to be equal … when it suits you.

There were both women and black people nominated in categories … so don’t make overgeneralized statements. There were no women nominated for best director … which is what you thought should’ve happened … so therefore you say you’re “unrepresented.” Stop trying to stir shit up where it doesn’t need to be!

Just because YOU think the movie directed by a woman was amazing … doesn’t mean everyone else did! That movie might have been great and she did an excellent job but there are 785 other movies to consider. The movies are voted upon by members of the Academy. Maybe the voters thought the other films were better? Maybe they were judging the movies on their merits and not worrying about what gender the director was … like they’re supposed to. The Oscars are supposed to reward excellence in film making … not make sure everyone gets a participation trophy. If you didn’t win … work harder next time!

The whole thing smells of activism and honestly I think it’s the media floating this bullshit. There wasn’t even enough time for some slighted actress or black actor to pick up their phone and whine on social media before this narrative had legs.

For all the people who are keeping this going for their agenda … just fucking stop!

Don’t say women aren’t represented. Women are everywhere in Hollywood. I can’t go anywhere and not see some #MeToo movement issue. Woman empowerment is on every fucking commercial and marketing campaign out right now. I think woman empowerment is great but it’s gotten a little out of control … don’t you think!? Are you trying to become equal or trying to take over!? Equality means that men see you as equal … but don’t forget, you have to see men as equal too! Is the goal equality or is it taking over? Not represented … Get the fuck out of here. You’re represented … you just didn’t win a specific nomination this year.

And don’t tell me that black people aren’t represented. Black people have there own TV channel for fuck’s sake. They even have their own separate awards shows. Are you telling me Oprah and Tyler Perry couldn’t get whatever they wanted if they asked!? Not represented … Get the fuck out of here. You’re represented … you just didn’t win a specific nomination this year.

EVERY year there are so called “snubs” in various categories. I’m sure the people that don’t get nominated always try to blame it on some other reason than the film or their performance just wasn’t good enough compared to the other films. The films are voted on by the Academy that is made up of people in the industry … your peers … so stop your bitching. If you don’t like it, then switch careers … yeah, that’s what I thought.

In 2009 Kathryn Bigelow won Best Director for Hurt Locker. She even beat out James Cameron for Avatar. She won the Oscar because she did the best job! That’s true equality! She won because she made a great film … not because females weren’t represented enough.

The goal is to make the best movie you can and then hopefully you’ll be recognized for it. Do you really want the win if it’s to fill some affirmative action bullshit!? Personally, I’d rather win knowing that it was because I made a great movie not because I was a quota.

I’m am so tired of listening to all these fucking whiny people complain about how something or someone wasn’t represented. News Flash! Life’s not fair!

Political Correctness

I got my coffee, settled into my worn out spot on the couch and started watching the morning news. Mostly the same old shit … weather, traffic … then this gem of a story comes across my screen:

Macy’s Ripped For Line of “Body-Shaming” Plates

Apparently, some insecure woman took offense to these and wanted to know how to get these banned in all 50 states. When she looked at these, she saw body-shaming. Seriously!? It’s meant as a joke! Even their website says:

“… so to keep you from overindulging, our tableware collection provides helpful – and hilarious – visual cues.”

They are stating it’s meant to be funny! Why don’t you just calm the fuck down and stop trying to make everything into a cause you have to fight. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it …but don’t demand it be recalled just because you don’t like it!

How come no “activist” made a big deal about body-shaming when Bloomberg started pushing the soda ban in New York. Wasn’t he trying to “body-shame” fat people? The whole law came about because of obesity in America. How come no one dragged him over the coals for not accepting fat people the way they are? Or is that not body-shaming if you’re talking about obese people … because that’s okay? It sure seems like there is some hypocrisy is this body-shaming argument.

There are numerous other people who might have seen the humor in these plates and purchased them. If they were truly offensive then no one would have bought them and they would have been pulled off the shelf anyway.

I’m tired of the rampant activism and the political correctness that follows. How did we get to a point where a single insecure person can make a $21 billion company, like Macy’s, shiver in fear and pull a product!? Political correctness has gone way too far! No one is allowed to do anything outside of the collective snowflake idea. These loud-mouthed, self-proclaimed social justice warriors have essentially become the thought police from Orwell’s 1984. The irony is … if you asked them if they approve of someone telling them what they can think or say, they would scream “NO!” … but they’re too stupid to realize that’s exactly what they’re doing!

It’s disappointing how quickly these days companies will apologize and grovel, for some product that is misconstrued or labeled as insensitive. Quickly getting on their social media to apologize personally to a single individual whose feelings are hurt … and promising to do better. I’d have a lot more respect for a company that said “I’m sorry you feel that way … but others find it funny, so we’re keeping it available for them to purchase.”

Guess what activists … you’re not the only ones living here. There are 300 million people living in these United States. Are you so arrogant to think that you get to speak for all of us. Guess what … I’m one of them and I don’t want or need you speaking for me! Just because you find something offensive doesn’t mean I will!

This is one of the major downfalls of social media. It’s just too simple for someone to voice their (sometimes stupid) opinion and have it seen by the company instantly. If they had to sit down, write a letter, address the envelope and mail it off … they’d definitely say “Fuck it. That’s too much work.” But since it’s as easy as typing on your phone and hitting send … any gut reaction is instantly posted. I’m not sure about you … but I’ve had a few instances where my gut reaction was to say one thing but didn’t. Then as time went on and I thought about my reaction, I realized it was an overreaction and I was glad I didn’t say anything.

Maybe … we need a little more of that thinking before reacting?

Maybe … some people need to grow thicker skin and not take everything personally?

Maybe … some people should not worry about speaking for others?

OH! … and maybe for people to find their fucking sense of humor that vanished when political correctness infiltrated our society.