Decrepit Old Man Syndrome

What is that you ask?

That is when a healthy man suddenly needs a cane or walker to get around. The last time you saw them they were fine and now they are frail and barely clinging to life. They need a person on each side to hold them up because they are shaky on their feet and need help just to walk. This usually surfaces when someone has to go to court.

Most recently it was on full display with Harvey Weinstein … and Bill Cosby before him.

We’ll start with Harvey Weinstein:

“Take me to court … please! I’m rich and powerful. You can’t touch me.”

“Wait! What? I can’t believe you’re really going through with this.”

Lawyer: “This isn’t looking good. We need to make him look less guilty. Have him act like he’s an old man.”

Lawyer: “That didn’t work! Have him use a walker when he comes into court next time … and tell him to sell it!

There’s something about having to go to court that makes men age quickly. He’s walking around just fine in public when cameras capture him at the night clubs but suddenly he needs a walker when he comes into court. The lawyers even put the tennis balls on the walker’s feet like your Grandpa used to have! Get the fuck out of here! I don’t think anybody’s buying it Harvey!

Then there’s Bill Cosby:

“I’m getting so tired of having to appear at these court cases! Let’s get this over with!”

“Shit! This is really going to go to trial!? I can’t pay this one off?”

“It’s okay … my lawyer says I have nothing to worry about.”

“I love you too! You know I’m innocent!”

Lawyer: “It’s not looking good! You might be found guilty! You’re an actor, right? Next time you come to court bring a cane and sell it!”

Look at that change! From arrogant, defiant and got this beat … to frail old man almost overnight! It’s unreal the change that occurs from the first court appearance when he thinks he is getting off … to the end when the verdict will be read! It’s like he’s aged 20 years. I guarantee if the verdict would have been not guilty he would have stood up, dropped the cane and defiantly walked out of the courtroom just fine.

These two are prime examples of The Decrepit Old Man Syndrome. It’s a hoax to try to play on people’s emotions … and it’s laughable! They were fine up until they had to go to court. They weren’t frail when they were … (sorry, I can’t afford to be sued for slander) … allegedly committing the crimes they are accused of … so why are you going to act this way now? Oh yeah … you don’t want to go to jail and will try anything to avoid it. Do you really think the jurors are going to be swayed by this shit!? It just shows your true colors. You’re a big man until the hammer falls and then you’ll try anything you can to try to get your way out of it … even acting like a decrepit old man.

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