When did it become a trend to overlap Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!? And why have consumers been complacent and not said shit about it!? I know why the retailers do it … money. They are trying to make their “Black Friday” period longer to make more profit … but consumers seem to be okay with it.

I understand with the rise of Amazon, brick and mortar stores have a hard time competing, so they have to try to increase sales anyway they can. It’s irritating as fuck though to see Christmas stuff right next to the Halloween shit!

There is something to be said about celebrating each holiday individually and then moving on to the next one. When you can start preparing for Christmas before Halloween, people don’t put as much effort into Halloween. And if the Christmas shit is out before Halloween, Thanksgiving is all but forgotten.

In the past, the Friday after Thanksgiving was the official mark of the Christmas season … Black Friday. Moms everywhere got up early to hit all the sales and it was an event. Then businesses had to outdo each other, so someone decided to open at midnight after Thanksgiving. The fucking turkey is still cooling off in the refrigerator and stores are having sales! You know Mom can’t miss that! Then that wasn’t good enough anymore … and stores started opening Thanksgiving night! WTF!? If the women are heading out after Thanksgiving … how are the dishes going to get done?

(Relax … I’m fucking joking … they can do them in the morning.)

I understand America is a consumer driven society but can we dial it back a little bit!? Let’s try to keep each holiday separate. I don’t want to see shit for the next holiday until the current one is over!

How the fuck is a last minute shopper like me supposed to go and get my Halloween shit on the 30th … if it’s already off the shelves and there’s only Christmas stuff? I guess the kids are getting candy canes in their Halloween bag this year.

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