Hidden Street Signs

I’m guessing you probably don’t pay attention to the signs on the side of the road since the majority of us all drive on autopilot. We take the same way to work. We take the same way home. We take the same road to the grocery store. Even if you get detoured, you usually just drive in that direction and eventually make it there.When you’re stopped at a light, you’re not looking around at your surroundings … you know damn well that you’re looking at your phone to see if anyone liked your post!

If you’re honest with yourself, you probably ignore most of the signs on the road. We all do … except of course when we get the notice in the mail that we have to test again for our license renewal. Then all of a sudden we start using our blinkers … we drive with our hands at 10 and 2 … we stop behind the crosswalk … all in the hopes we can re-train ourselves to pass the test! After we pass … we forget it all for another 5 years and just drive like normal.

BUT … when you’re out of town, suddenly you need those signs because you are in an unfamiliar place. We are forced to turn off the autopilot and pay attention. You start looking around for signs to help you navigate. This is when you notice that many of the signs are not visible because of overgrown trees or something like that and the anger starts!

Usually, it’s the sign you need the most! You always see it when it’s too late. You’re looking out your passenger window only to see the sign when you pass by and then you can’t get over in time and you miss the turn. This has caused many long winded diatribes that people (unfortunate enough to be in the car with me) must suffer through. It has threatened to put a damper on many vacations … not the blocked signs … my diatribes.

How difficult is it to cut the trees back so the signs are fucking visible!? Road crews always have some lane closed near the side of a road, backing up traffic unnecessarily. Why can’t they cut back the tree while they are there!? There’s usually 5 guys standing around while one guy digs … give one of these fuckers a chainsaw and have them start trimming that shit back! I’m pretty sure it won’t affect the project timeline. There’s still 4 people there to watch one guy dig!

It’s a complete fail of the city’s landscaping department! Why the fuck would you plant a tree in front of where you placed a street sign!? It makes no sense! What do you expect, though!? It’s a government job. Remember the last time you went to the DMV? Yeah, exactly!

When you call to complain, the intern answering the phone, attentively takes down your name, phone number and complaint. Then they pass it along to their superior for the matter to be handled. The complaint goes up the bloated chain of command until it reaches the Supervisor.

Once the complaint reaches this level, it is filed … never to see the light of day again … because the Supervisor has tenure and knows he doesn’t have to do shit and nothing’s going to happen to him. Government work at it’s finest!

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