Automated Faucets

These fucking things drive me up the wall! They never work! I put my hands under the faucet … nothing. I wave my hands around in the sink … nothing. I figure it’s broken and move over to the next one and then the previous one turns on. I move back over and put my hands under the running water … it turns off. I wave my hands around again … nothing!

I know I’m not the only one who this happens to because I’ve been in the restroom and seen other guys moving from sink to sink dealing with the same shit! Don’t get me wrong, I understand why businesses put them in. No one wants to get an enormous water bill because some asshole leaves the faucet running indefinitely but put some in that work … if there is such a thing!

As far as hygiene goes … they are a great idea! I’m not sure how much thought you’ve given to touching the handles of the faucet but … you can’t wash your hands before turning on the sink. Think that through for a second …

A little illustration in case you’re having a hard time understanding.

That’s right! Never thought of that, did you?

With the technology we have, why can’t they make these things work!? The fucking urinal sensor is set to ultra-sensitive and goes off multiple times spraying your junk with toilet water while you’re doing your business and the faucet sensor is set to the lowest sensitivity there is! It seems like these sensors should be switched. Has that thought eluded the engineers that created these things and a simpleton like me had to point it out!?

I don’t claim to be the sharpest knife in the set but it also seems like it would be smarter to put the sensor near the water outlet rather than the base. Why? When you put your hands under the faucet, you put them where the water is expected to come out. If the sensor was facing down next to the water outlet … it might actually work!

It’s not rocket science. I’m just saying …

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