Wearing Sunglasses Inside

Everybody has seen this douchebag at least once. The guy that comes inside and doesn’t remove his sunglasses. And I’m not talking about right away … I mean not at all. I say “his” and don’t use a generic pronoun because this is a guy thing. I have never seen a woman do this.

I’m not talking about someone who is wearing Transitions glasses. Those are the ones that darken when you are outside and then become clear when you come inside. No … I’m talking about straight sunglasses. For whatever reason, the offenders are usually wearing Oakley or Ray Ban sunglasses. Not always … but those seem to be the sunglass of choice for these assholes.

The cause for this … a gigantic, self-inflated ego. This person thinks they are a bad-ass and beyond cool. The sunglasses are part of the image they have created … and want to keep projecting that “image” whether outside or inside.

I recently stopped in to grab a bite to eat and the guy ordering in front of me proceeded to order his food while wearing his sunglasses. After ordering, he then stepped off to the side, found a wall to lean against and stood there waiting for his order … with his sunglasses on.

If you are the person starting to come up with excuses for this kind of behavior and trying to defend the person … just STOP! I’ve heard the light sensitivity excuse and it’s bullshit. The person I’m referring to has a certain look. They usually look like this:

and light sensitivity is not the reason they are wearing their sunglasses inside. They wear them inside because they think they are God’s Gift to Women and believe they are moments away from a woman throwing herself at his feet because he looks so “bitchin” with his glasses on! Are there women who fall for this shit!? I don’t think so because I always see this guy alone!

Guys who wear sunglasses indoors are douchebags! Plain and simple. Change my mind.


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