Tactile Paving

If you don’t know what tactile paving is, it’s the hard rubber pieces with bumps that they place around stores to let visually impaired people know when they are leaving the sidewalk. Seen in the image below:

I despise these things. They are ridiculous!

Before you start screaming about how insensitive I am because they are there for visually impaired people … let me clarify that I don’t lack empathy in the slightest for a person with a disability. I even researched the term handicapped (which is the term I was going to use) and found out that term is offensive now … which is why I used the more acceptable term person with a disability.

I even learned the following:

  • Never say “a disabled person” or “the disabled.” Say a person or people “with disabilities.” …
  • Never use the term “handicapped parking.” Use “accessible parking” instead …
  • Never use the term “impaired.” …
  • Never say “hidden” disabilities. …

… so put your picket sign away. You don’t need to come protest outside my house. I’m trying! I’m learning!

All I wanted to say is … do the bumps really need to be so fucking big!? Here’s my problem: I have all my groceries jammed into my bags (the ones I had to bring so I don’t have to pay the 10 cent extortion fee … see my previous post on the plastic bag scam). As I go over these outrageously high profile bumps all my groceries start falling out of the bags and cases of soda on the bottom rack of the cart starts falling off into the street. It’s bumpier than a fucking roller coaster.

Oh! … and a word to the wise … don’t even think about opening any of those sodas any time soon after they’ve gone over those bumps. Trust me! How about we tone down the bumps a little bit. The person that’s visually impaired will still be able to sense the bumps … but it’s not going to shake everything loose out of my fucking cart onto the street!

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