Price Tag Residue

Why can’t I just leave the price tag on and just Sharpie out the price?

“Exactly!” … says every guy reading this right now.

Well … apparently guys … it’s tacky to leave the tag on. So, in the interest of trying not to appear as a neanderthal with no etiquette, I’ve resigned myself to start removing the tags on gifts that I give. The problem is that when you take the tag off, it leaves behind a sticky mess!

This doesn’t happen with every price tag though! Some stores have tags that come off easily and leave no sticky residue behind. So why can’t ALL the stores use the same easy to peel off price tags!?

  • We can send a man to the moon (I don’t want to hear it conspiracy theorists)
  • we can grow a human ear under the skin of a rat (I know! I know!)
  • we can grow skin in a lab (Again … I know! but it IS pretty amazing!)
  • we can communicate with a satellite a billion miles away (no joke!)
  • we have virtual keyboards (useless … but pretty cool!)

… but we can’t get everybody to use price tags that don’t do this!

Sure, you can try to do the Scotch Tape stick-and-pull … but that never gets all the residue off. You can use Goof-Off sometimes … unless the tag is stuck on a section that would be discolored. You can try just scraping and rubbing the residue off dry but that usually creates an even bigger smudge that looks worse. And if you decide you’re going to try to just wrap the gift without addressing the sticky area (and hope they don’t notice) … somehow a stray hair always seems to find it’s way onto the sticky area that you can’t get off!

Now … I realize there are more pressing world issues that need to be addressed before this one. But honestly, those problems are very complex and take a lot of people and a lot of time to fix. This one is easy to solve, so let’s move this one to the front of the line. We just need to get the cheap-ass stores who use those shitty price tags to spend the lousy extra penny to get with the program. They can even pass the penny cost on to me … I’ll pay it! It’s better than having my whole mood take a shit after spending 30 minutes trying to get all the damn price tag off!

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