Political Correctness

I got my coffee, settled into my worn out spot on the couch and started watching the morning news. Mostly the same old shit … weather, traffic … then this gem of a story comes across my screen:

Macy’s Ripped For Line of “Body-Shaming” Plates

Apparently, some insecure woman took offense to these and wanted to know how to get these banned in all 50 states. When she looked at these, she saw body-shaming. Seriously!? It’s meant as a joke! Even their website says:

“… so to keep you from overindulging, our tableware collection provides helpful – and hilarious – visual cues.”

They are stating it’s meant to be funny! Why don’t you just calm the fuck down and stop trying to make everything into a cause you have to fight. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it …but don’t demand it be recalled just because you don’t like it!

How come no “activist” made a big deal about body-shaming when Bloomberg started pushing the soda ban in New York. Wasn’t he trying to “body-shame” fat people? The whole law came about because of obesity in America. How come no one dragged him over the coals for not accepting fat people the way they are? Or is that not body-shaming if you’re talking about obese people … because that’s okay? It sure seems like there is some hypocrisy is this body-shaming argument.

There are numerous other people who might have seen the humor in these plates and purchased them. If they were truly offensive then no one would have bought them and they would have been pulled off the shelf anyway.

I’m tired of the rampant activism and the political correctness that follows. How did we get to a point where a single insecure person can make a $21 billion company, like Macy’s, shiver in fear and pull a product!? Political correctness has gone way too far! No one is allowed to do anything outside of the collective snowflake idea. These loud-mouthed, self-proclaimed social justice warriors have essentially become the thought police from Orwell’s 1984. The irony is … if you asked them if they approve of someone telling them what they can think or say, they would scream “NO!” … but they’re too stupid to realize that’s exactly what they’re doing!

It’s disappointing how quickly these days companies will apologize and grovel, for some product that is misconstrued or labeled as insensitive. Quickly getting on their social media to apologize personally to a single individual whose feelings are hurt … and promising to do better. I’d have a lot more respect for a company that said “I’m sorry you feel that way … but others find it funny, so we’re keeping it available for them to purchase.”

Guess what activists … you’re not the only ones living here. There are 300 million people living in these United States. Are you so arrogant to think that you get to speak for all of us. Guess what … I’m one of them and I don’t want or need you speaking for me! Just because you find something offensive doesn’t mean I will!

This is one of the major downfalls of social media. It’s just too simple for someone to voice their (sometimes stupid) opinion and have it seen by the company instantly. If they had to sit down, write a letter, address the envelope and mail it off … they’d definitely say “Fuck it. That’s too much work.” But since it’s as easy as typing on your phone and hitting send … any gut reaction is instantly posted. I’m not sure about you … but I’ve had a few instances where my gut reaction was to say one thing but didn’t. Then as time went on and I thought about my reaction, I realized it was an overreaction and I was glad I didn’t say anything.

Maybe … we need a little more of that thinking before reacting?

Maybe … some people need to grow thicker skin and not take everything personally?

Maybe … some people should not worry about speaking for others?

OH! … and maybe for people to find their fucking sense of humor that vanished when political correctness infiltrated our society.

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