No Stopping Any Time

I can’t stand the hypocrisy! There is a sign right there that says “No Stopping Any Time” but because it has to do with moving tourists around … we’ll look the other way. There’s even a cop in the turn lane (out of the frame) and he does nothing! This is not a one time incident! This is the turn lane that I need to go to work and this mother-fucker blocks it almost daily. And he’s not dropping people off and quickly moving along. No! This asshole sits there waiting for hotel guests to get down to the bus. Sometimes as long as 5 minutes! If I decided to stop right there and wait for someone I was picking up at the hotel, I can almost guarantee I would get ticketed!

Why won’t they make this asshole pull into the hotel’s parking lot to pick up Billy Bob, Dixie and their gaggle of kids. I’ll tell you why! They don’t want to disrupt anything that’s going to bring people to the Happiest Place on Earth to spend their hard earned cash. This might stem the flow of tax dollars to the city. Well it’s a major inconvenience for me since I need to make that turn!

Passing by, I see the hotel has a carport that probably isn’t tall enough for the bus to fit through and the bus would have a hard time turning around in it’s small parking lot. Guess what? Not my fucking problem! The hotel can pony up and raise their carport to accommodate the bus. If the bus can’t turn around in the parking lot … then figure something else out! It should not be able to blatantly disregard street signs that everybody else has to obey. It’s an inconvenience to everyone going to work … but that’s okay because they’re taking tourists to Disneyland … so rules don’t apply to them!

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