False Racism

A racist is someone who does something solely based upon a person’s race. An example of this would be whites in the south during the Jim Crow era who attacked blacks for no other reason than their skin color. Another example of this would be the creation of the channel BET. Or the organization La Raza. Yeah! I’m going there! These organizations are racist because they exist solely to focus on interests of a specific race. By definition that’s racist! Yet … when the term racist is used it’s almost always meant to describe white males and ignores all other forms of racism.

Let’s cut the shit! You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say you want to be equal and then have a channel that predominately shows black actors in most of it’s televised line-up. Sure there’s some white people sprinkled in there so they can claim they’re not solely a channel for black people but the same argument can be used for the Oscars if you want to go there. Sure, the Oscars may be predominately white but there have been some black actors who have won. So fuck off with your hypocritical bullshit! You want “equality” but you want to keep separation. Going on the BET website today I found an article about Pete Buttigieg on the Black Vote. Isn’t the “Black Vote” an inherently racist idea!? Why is no one calling this racist?

How is this any different from white pride?

Then we’ve got La Raza. I’ve heard the explanations that it doesn’t mean the race, it means the community. Oh yeah? Last I checked it literally translates THE RACE. If it’s not meant to connotate that Hispanics are a superior race then why did Eliezer Risco start a paper called La Raza in the late 1960’s to promote the Brown Power movement. Not oppressed laborers of all races … just the Hispanics. You’re right. That doesn’t sound racist at all. You put “Be White & Be Proud” on that banner above and suddenly it becomes unacceptable.

Racists exist in ALL races but society predominantly associates it with the white male. When you see people marching in the streets with white pride banners it’s an atrocity but people marching above with brown pride banners … totally okay. How the fuck is that!? You can’t be a hypocrite! Either you believe we are all the same and there shouldn’t be any special channels, clubs, parades, etc. or you are okay with every race celebrating it’s own unique heritage and all can celebrate equally!

Now that I’ve hopefully convinced you everyone is equally racist, this leads me to my point. I’m fucking tired of the term being hi-jacked and turned into something it’s not by social activists who can’t get enough people to support their cause on it’s own merits. They scream racism about anyone who opposes them and that’s a bullshit argument! Then because of the fucked up political correctness, that’s infected our society, people don’t oppose these loud mouthed mother-fuckers for fear of being labeled a racist! You can’t have a rational conversation proving your objections are not racist with a person hell bent on a cause. They will scream at you and call you whatever name they can to silence you. Racist seems to be the go to term.

By politicizing racism and using the term as political warfare it takes away from what racism really is and labels people unjustly who simply disagree with a point of view. What happened to people being able to debate? Oh yeah! People don’t want to be shown that their point of view may be incorrect or misguided. They don’t participate in that anymore and just scream racism if somebody starts to put holes in their arguments. Then the media picks it up and runs with it because racism gets everybody’s blood boiling because they’ve been trained like Pavlovian dog’s that racism is bad! That’s not the case though … is it? BET is okay. La Raza is okay. Only white racism is bad. How about you stop the fucking hypocrisy and level the playing field. Either it’s okay everywhere or it’s abhorrent on it’s face. And most of all … stop distorting it and using it incorrectly for political purposes!

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