Wide Turns

You know when you are coming up on an intersection and the person turning all of a sudden veers into your lane to make their turn nearly sideswiping you. For whatever reason, suddenly they feel like they are driving an 18 wheeler that just won’t make it around the turn without taking a wide path. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me and thus far, by the grace of God, nobody has hit my car. I recall a few times that the other car was within inches … but luckily no contact was made. I feel the worst part about this occurrence though is the inability to interact with the offending party and convey your thoughts to them about what assholes they are since they are turning and aren’t looking in your direction when it occurs.

By the time you’ve passed their car and gotten your car steady enough to take your hand off the wheel to flip them off, they are going in another direction and don’t get the full extent of your anger. Nine times out of ten, the offending party doesn’t even have an idea what just occurred leaving you in a rage that gets directed at no one. They are clueless that they almost got in an accident because they are oblivious … or they are busy texting or possibly watching a movie (yes, I’ve witnessed this!). People are living in their own little worlds lately and have become clueless to what is going on around them! I never completely understood the term “drive defensively” but I think I’ve finally come to understand what it means. It basically means assume everybody can’t drive worth a shit and are going to hit your car at any given moment … so be prepared.

One thought on “Wide Turns

  1. This goes also for people in the left lane of a two-lane left turn who invariably turn wide into the right-hand lane. I stay super alert for those folk.


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