Website Password Requirements

So, I’m trying to download some profiles for the printers at work. I’ve done it before … no big deal. Most companies make them available for free to download to make it easier to use their products. Well … not 3M. What a pain in the fucking ass! First of all, you can’t just download them off the website … you have to create an account.

I don’t want to create an account.

I don’t need an account.

I just want the fucking profiles.

I try to get around creating an account but it just puts me in a perpetual loop. Fine! I take the time to plug in all the information. Name, address, phone number, email, company name and on and on and on and on. Then it requires me to create a password. Fine! I type in the normal password I use … rejected. I try a different one … rejected. I try a third variation … rejected. They have all these fucking requirements for a password … to download free shit! I’m not creating a fucking login for the Pentagon to access Top Secret shit. Gimme a fucking break!

This is not the only time or website this has happened on … just the most recent one that pissed me off. What is with the elaborate password requirements!? I understand hacking accounts is a problem of the modern world. If my bank requires certain specifications for a password I get it … because they could be liable to reimburse me financially. That seems like an instance where a secure password might be required … but a website giving away free shit … give me a fucking break! If it’s an account that is not tied to money then what does it fucking matter to you what my password is!? I don’t think any hacker is going to be interested in hacking my Ralphs grocery account … so if I want my password to be 1234 … then fuck off and let me have my password 1234!

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