Leaving Your Popcorn Tub and Drink Behind After a Movie

How difficult is it to pick up your tub of popcorn and drink after the movie is over!? I understand that pieces of popcorn may fall onto the floor as you’re shoveling it in your fat fucking mouth but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about your container that it came in. Are you really that lazy of a piece of shit that you can’t take it with you and throw it in the trash on the way out!? Rhetorical question … obviously. And don’t give me that shit about how “they are coming in to clean up anyways.” Yes, they are coming in to clean up the pieces of popcorn you spilled on the floor but they shouldn’t be coming in to clean up your trash! This is another example of self-aggrandizing. People think that they are special and someone will come pick up after them! Clean up your own shit asshole! I will admit in theaters where the trash cans are hidden the flap is sometimes difficult to push open and get all your trash into the receptacle … but that is not a valid enough excuse to leave your mess for someone else to clean up!

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