School Buses Stopping on a Busy Street

Why do the school buses have to stop on a busy street to pick up kids!? Why can’t they turn the corner into a residential street to pick up the little brats!? It’s bad enough that they block a lane that cars are in but now they have the flashing red lights that every fucking car in the vicinity has to stop. I get it … I’m not a complete dick! I know that some kids aren’t paying attention to their surroundings and might run across the street to get to the bus and nobody wants to see some kid nailed by a car! You know the solution … have the bus stop on a fucking residential street! It’s not rocket science! Why would you want the kids lining up on a busy street waiting for the bus anyways!? The speed limit on residential streets: 25mph. The speed limit on a busy street: 40mph. Hmmm? Where would it be more dangerous? I’m sure some of you are saying but the bus would have to turn around and that would take more time. You know what takes more time? Me getting to work … because it adds another 10 minutes waiting for this shit! I know, I know … the children are our future. You want a better future … teach these kids that you have to be considerate and think of others … like this guy who is just trying to get to work. Teach these kids to try to be considerate of other people in everything that they do instead of teaching them about gender fluidity (that I’ll save for another fucking post later) and you might end up with a better world. I try to be considerate of others but honestly it seems like the feeling is reciprocated less and less anymore. I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only idiot still adhering to those ideals.

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