People Who Talk Through You

There aren’t many things more aggravating than someone who talks through you! This usually happens when someone has a superiority complex or they just don’t think you’re worth a shit! I’m sure you’ve been in the situation before when someone asks you a question and as you’re 4 words into your answer they just start talking over you while you are still talking! The first time it happens, you usually won’t think much of it. Conversations have a give and take and sometimes talking can overlap. If it’s a one time offense, most people don’t dwell on it. What I’m talking about is the person who consistently does it throughout a conversation … and it’s clear they are meaning to do it. I mean, who the fuck does that!? It’s fucking rude and it makes me like you even less than I already do. It shows they have no respect for you.

Circumstances dictate how you react to this. If it’s a boss, most people just have to clinch their fist, bite their lip and tolerate it. Usually you don’t hear what he or she is saying anymore because all you can fantasize about is jamming the pen in your hand through their fucking throat and screaming “Will you just shut the fuck up for once!” Autopilot kicks in at this point and you nod and do whatever you can to exit the situation before you lose your shit and say something that sees you out the front door with your belongings in a box and a security guard escort. This is usually where it occurs the most because many bosses are assholes and use their position to treat others like shit.

It’s not only a workplace occurrence though. There are enough self-important people in the world that it happens in other circumstances as well. Usually this activates my asshole mechanism. I start becoming a passive-aggressive dick and will continue to keep talking even when they are. I do this hoping they will have an epiphany and realize that it’s rude that I’m talking through them and realize they are doing it to me and stop … but that very rarely happens. Usually nothing can be done to remedy the situation because someone who repeatedly does it is a douchebag that is incapable of change.

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