Changing History

I’m guessing she’s probably single.

I am so tired of everything having to be so fucking politically correct! It’s so out of control people are trying to erase parts of history. The so called “social justice warriors” should just shut the fuck up and not worry so much about other people. Don’t you people have jobs!? These assholes create problems where there aren’t any, just so they can get attention and try to change the world into their narrow minded, fucked up little views. They want to erase or shout down anything that is not politically correct … whether it’s recent or even in the past. I imagine many of them didn’t get the attention they wanted from mommy and daddy and now we are paying the price. Business and governments cower to these fuckers for fear of bad publicity. I don’t know who I am more disgusted with … the SJW or the entity that gives into them.

Take for example: Disney. They are not going to include Song of the South in their new streaming service because it is deemed racist. They are also editing out the Jim Crow scene from Dumbo because of the crow’s Doo-wop singing. These movies were made back in the 1940s when that was commonplace in the culture. Regardless of your beliefs on whether it is morally right is beside the point. These things happened in history and acting like they didn’t doesn’t change that it happened! Grab a fucking backbone Iger!

You saw this play out in the South not too long ago with people wanting all the Confederate statues taken down. Sure, there were some heinous things that occurred in the South’s history but guess what … they occurred! Taking down the statue doesn’t erase that is happened! Just because you have a statue up doesn’t mean you are necessarily worshiping what that person did. If it had significance in history then a statue to remember it is not unimaginable … even if it hurts your fragile sensibilities. And taking the statue down is not going to erase that it happened!

This shit is rampant everywhere. Take Hollywood for example. Look at all the actors who everybody wants to act like they don’t exist anymore. The alleged things Kevin Spacey did does not change the fact that he is a great actor with a body of work that should be envied by many. His movies are the same movies that were praised before a few people decided he’s a monster. And what pisses me off is that everybody is so quick to run from anything that may label them some undesirable term or associate them with something that is not politically correct. It’s pathetic! Regardless of what Kevin Spacey did in his personal life, it will never change the fact that he is awesome in more movies then I have space to list here!

People are incapable of holding two opinions about something anymore. Throw the baby out with the bathwater comes to mind. Something is offensive so we will just erase it completely. Humans do bad things … sorry. They happen and we hopefully can learn from them. Acting like it didn’t happen or trying to erase evidence of it is ridiculous! Growing up and being an adult is learning that shit happens and hopefully we can learn from these things. Erasing the “undesirable” past or acting like something or someone doesn’t exist to ease your fragile sensibilities is dangerous. If the ugly things are not kept in the open for people to see and learn from … then they are bound to happen again because human nature is well … human.

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