Coins On Top Of Bills

I don’t know when this started …or why? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about … it’s when a cashier hands your change back to you dollar bills first and then coins on top. This in turn makes it a balancing act trying to make sure all the coins don’t fall and roll all over the floor when you move your hand. Remember the good ol’ days when a cashier handed you the coins in your palm and then the bills in the other hand. This … is the correct and only way it should be done. This allows you to close your fist over the coins to put them in your pocket or purse and then put away the bills. The coins on top of the bills is just plain stupid! If you think this way of change delivery is acceptable, I want nothing to do with you. If you think that’s acceptable, you’re probably a person who just makes a fist around everything and jams it in your pocket all together. Who does that? A crazy person!? The topper is when the receipt is thrown in the mix. You know you have to keep your receipt out to show it at the door! The cashier hands you this jumbled mess to deal with and then quickly moves on to help the next customer. The next customer moves forward, in turn pressuring you to move on while you have to try and dissect this mess just placed in your hand. If there ever was an anxiety moment … this is it … because you can’t just stand there putting everything away and hold up the line. I truly feel mankind has taken a step backwards with this move.

Why did it happen though? My guess is that people have become such germophobes that they don’t want to touch another person’s hand during the exchange. If you’re dealing with a person who smells like they just swam in a 2 month old Porta Potty … I could see why you might deliver change this way. Stink like that doesn’t come off with just plain soap. But if it’s just a normal, run of the mill person … there is no need for that shit! Your job in customer service is to make it pleasant for the customer. And handing me my change in this manner … is in no way pleasant! If you hand me change that way … and it rolls on to the floor … you are going to have an interaction with me that you wished never happened. Just saying …

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