Personal Space In Line

I should not feel breath on the back of my neck when I’m standing in line! I move forward because the person behind me is uncomfortably close. A few seconds later, I feel their breath on my neck again. What the fuck, man!? Do you not know the concept of personal space!? I’m guessing … the answer is NO! I’m probably going to piss a lot of people off … but I’m going to say it anyways … Asians are the worst offenders. Go ahead and call me racist, politically incorrect, xenophobic or whatever other new term snowflakes have come up with … but you know I’m right! Obviously, not every Asian in the world does this but a large number of them are guilty … so I’m going to generalize and stereotype. I think it’s just part of their culture. Shit, if you lived with 4 billion other people, you wouldn’t understand personal space either!

It’s happened to me many times! I turn around and shoot them a dirty look and they look at me completely expressionless. He has no idea why I turned around to look at him. Frustrated that my look didn’t have the impact I anticipated, I move up and moments later … breath on my neck. There have been numerous times where I am even standing at the PDQ entering my PIN number and they are practically up my ass! I’m entering personal info … back the fuck up!

“Excuse YOU!” I say.

Confused at my outburst … but aware that I’m annoyed with him for something … he takes a half step back. No words … just a half step back. Now he is 4 inches away from me instead of 2! I finish up my transaction mumbling some unflattering phrases about this guy … loud enough for him to hear … but he is completely unphased. I know people who come from other countries to become citizens have to learn about our Constitution and laws … but I propose we focus on teaching them the unwritten laws of our culture.

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