Confirming Appointments

I called you. We spoke in great detail about the available dates. I decided on a date and time. You verified it by telling me you are putting me down for that date and time.

“Okay. We’ll see you May 13th at 6pm.”

Now I receive a postcard in the mail a week later that I need to call to confirm my appointment or lose it! What the fuck!? I thought everything was set? Nothing changed on my end. I wrote it on my calendar. I haven’t missed any scheduled appointments before!

When the fuck did this become a thing!? I have to confirm an appointment I already made? What was it the first time I called … a suggestion? Is there a process now to making appointments? I thought I just called and we both wrote it down and that was that. If I’m a douchebag who constantly misses my appointments and doesn’t call to cancel … okay … I can see why you might start doing this – but I’m not that douchebag! If I can’t make it .. I call and cancel within the specified time. The problem is there are an increasing amount of self-absorbed assholes in the world that don’t bother to call if they can’t make it. They just figure that “…it’s no big deal if I miss it” – not grasping the concept that appointments are how doctors make a living. So doctors just do a blanket bullshit move like this … instead of calling out the actual assholes who don’t call to cancel their appointments and fuck up their schedules! In the current over-sensitive state of the world, nobody wants to make anybody feel ostracized by calling out their dick move … so everyone gets punished. That seems fair, don’t you think!?

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