Store Inventory

Technology is great! In the last century the advances witnessed by the human race are nearly immeasurable. Computers have changed our lives … sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. As far as store inventory goes … in many cases, it’s the latter. Many companies now put their inventory on their websites for consumers to check if they have an item before going to get it! We trust this to be true … well … because it’s on their website and they wouldn’t put it there if it wasn’t accurate. So I get in my car and go down there … only to be told by the half baked store worker “Oh, sorry man! I guess we don’t have it.”

Now being the easy going person that I am, the first time this happened … I accepted it as a simple mistake. I mumbled a few things under my breath as I walked away irritated … but mistakes happen. The second and third time this occurred, I became … let’s say … a little less tolerant. Now, I show the employee … on their own website … that it states they have it. “Yeah, those things are never right.”

Then why the FUCK do you have it on your website!?

Next time, figuring I could beat the system, I went old school and called to speak to a person and have them check to see if they have the item before I come get it. “Yes. We have 2.” Great! I get in my car, go down to the store, look on the shelf … not there! I find the employee and ask him where the item is and this is the conversation:

Clerk: “Hmmm, the computer says we have 2. I guess we’re out.”

Me: “But I thought you told me that you had 2?”

Clerk: “I checked the computer and it said we had 2. Sorry, I guess we’re out.”

So wait … I called you to check to see if you have the item … and you checked the computer!? That’s the same fucking thing I can do on my computer, asshole. If I’m calling you, I’m expecting you to go and physically check on the shelf before I drive down here! After entertaining the idea in my head of screaming at the store clerk about how useless he is, I politely ask him if he can check one of the other stores to see if they have it. He gets on the computer and finds the next closest store and inventory says they have 3 in stock. I ask him … as politely as I can through gritted teeth … if he can call the store and have them verify that they have it … before I drive all the way over there. He begrudgingly calls and asks them to physically look on the shelf … per my outrageous request. After waiting for a few minutes (that seem like an eternity) the clerk comes back on the phone and says … wait for it … wait for it … “I don’t see them. We must be out.” How can that be!? The computer says they have 3! If the inventory doesn’t work … don’t fucking have it on the website! No one ever goes and physically checks anymore because they just rely on the inventory in the computer … that they admit is never correct. Makes a lot of fucking sense, right!?

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