Holding the Door Open

As I’ve stated in previous posts, politeness and common courtesy are ideas that have gone by the wayside. I was raised to hold the door open for people and in return … they would say “Thank You.” It’s a fairly simple exchange of niceties and it shows kindness toward your fellow man. Well … I’m seriously thinking about giving that shit up! Nine times out of ten when I hold the door open for people anymore … they walk right past me like I’m not even there!

Do you think the door just miraculously stayed open for you because you’re so fucking amazing!? I don’t have a Bellhop suit on … so you can tell it’s not my fucking job to hold the door open. I was trying to be courteous but apparently you think you’re too good to even acknowledge the simple act of me holding the door open for you. If I knew it was going to go that way, I would have slammed the door in your face and prayed you slammed into it! As infuriating as it is to hold the door open for some ungrateful asshole and not get any sort of acknowledgement … it’s just as annoying when the door is not held open for you. I don’t expect you to stand there and hold the door open for me if I’m 20ft away … but if I’m a couple feet behind you … hold the door open Fucko! Is it really that difficult or going to take too much of your precious time? These simple acts are part of our unwritten social code! I’m amazed at how self-involved and oblivious people are becoming. Actually … no I’m not!

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