Potholes on the Road

With the amount of taxes this state applies to gasoline … there should not be a single pothole on our roads! As of July 1st 2019, Californians will be taxed 65 cents PER GALLON of gasoline!

Pause for a moment and let that sink in.

On average, Californians consume roughly 14 billion gallons of gasoline annually. Taxing that amount by 65 cents per gallon yields $9.1 billion in revenue. California gets $6.5 billion of that amount … every year … to be spent on road maintenance. These streets should be covered in gold for Christ’s sake with the amount of money we’re taxed … yet EVERY road I drive on needs repair. Where is all the fucking money going!? I’ll tell you where it’s going! It’s the criminal legislature stealing the money from the gasoline tax to put into the general fund for stupid shit. Those taxes initially were intended towards maintaining the roads … nothing else. Now, it’s become common place for the government to use the money for something else and then complain they don’t have enough money to fix the roads. WHAT!? I’m at a loss how the assholes in Sacramento can do this shit and people aren’t rioting in the streets! Oh yeah, people are too busy watching cat videos to get upset about anything that matters. I have a coronary every time I pull into the gas station and see the prices. Then, I have to dodge potholes while leaving the gas station which just reminds me how bad I’m getting fucked. Every fill up should come with a packet of Astroglide! And don’t tell me to start taking public transportation so there’s not so many cars damaging the roads. Fuck off! I like my car and the freedom it provides and I don’t think I should be made to feel guilty about that! If you’re in the State Government, YOU should feel guilty for the piss poor job you’re doing with OUR funds! Take your pet projects and social engineering and shove it up your ass! Fix the roads that we ALL use every day … going to work … creating more tax money … for you assholes to waste!

The Government’s lack of action on fixing the potholes is such a joke that Domino’s Pizza started filling potholes as a marketing campaign. Hey Government! A pizza chain is doing your job! What the fuck!?

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