Police Pullovers

I’m a pro-cop guy. I believe they have a very difficult job and deal with a lot of crazy shit … very professionally. I believe the majority of them are very considerate and obviously have a lot more patience than I do … but there is one pet peeve they do that drives me absolutely fucking nuts! When they pull somebody over for a traffic stop right in the lane of a busy street! Why can’t you have them pull over into a parking lot or residential street so it doesn’t back up traffic!? Then to make it even worse, the cop will stop their car slightly into the next lane behind the stopped car to protect them during the stop … thus partially blocking that lane also! If you’re at the end of a pursuit and your getting out guns drawn, I get it. But for a normal traffic violation … take it off to the side! You know 95% of the population are rubberneckers who will backup traffic even more when they see the flashing lights. I’ve seen cops direct people into parking lots before, so I know it can be done! Come on guys!

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