Men in Public Restrooms

I am always blown away by how much piss is on the floor all around the urinal. How fucking hard is it to aim!? Now, being a guy, I understand that there is back spray from hitting the water that may cause little droplets on the floor and there’s not really much you can do about that. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about actual puddles that require wading boots for me to get close enough to make it in the bowl. And don’t try to give me that shit that “it’s like a fire hose when I let go.” Fuck off! You’re not Lexington Steele. I seriously doubt you piss on the floor at home … so why would you think it’s okay to do it somewhere else!? Grab your little pecker and aim it in the bowl like a civilized human being! And by the way, handling it is a prerequisite.

Don’t be one of those douche bags that just put your hands on your head and lets it go where it goes. If you do this you are a self-aggrandizing asshole. You know someone else is going to have to clean that up … but you don’t care … as long as it’s not you! And don’t give me some shit about how you don’t like to touch it. There’s not a guy on this earth that doesn’t have his hand on his junk half of the day. What’s happened to common decency? This is one of those things like using tools that separate us from the animals. Come on guys! Next time you take a leak … see if you’re one of the guys I’m bitching about. If you are, start sitting down to piss … like the bitch that you are!

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