Driving With A Dog On Your Lap

If you drive with a dog on your lap … you are a fucking idiot! There’s really no room for debate on this. I’m sure I’m gonna touch the 3rd rail on this one with all the whacked out pet owners … but someone needs to say it. Does the thought not even cross your mind that this might be slightly dangerous!? You are operating “heavy machinery” with a live unpredictable animal in front of all the controls you need to control the car. I’m sure you’ve spoke with Fluffy and he understands that he needs to sit still while you’re driving, so I should just relax and leave you alone. Get the fuck out of here! It’s a dog. He doesn’t understand you, okay! He’s excited to be doing something other than licking his ass all day, so he’s ready to jump at anything that excites him.

Yeah … this looks safe!

And don’t get me started on the people that let their dog hang half way out the driver’s window. This is a recipe for disaster. Once that dog starts to fall out the window, the owner is going to grab for the dog and ignore any actions needed to keep the car on the road. Don’t worry that you might hit another car … or person for that matter … while you’re grabbing for your precious little angel. Dogs are great and give people companionship but they don’t need to go everywhere with you. If you just can’t stand to go anywhere without your little baby because you need the emotional support on your errand… put them in the back seat where they belong. OR … you could just fucking leave them at home. This crazy pet owner thing where people have to have their pets everywhere is getting out of hand but it’s too big for one post … so I’ll touch more on that in the future. I’ll be ready for all the hate mail.

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