The Driving Thank You Wave

You know when you slow down to allow someone to get in front of you in your lane. This act requires a thank you wave from the other party. It doesn’t need to be some over the top wave. You don’t need to turn around and make eye contact. A simple raising of the hand and nod of the head will suffice. This simple gesture acknowledges they know you yielded for them and they are grateful for your act of kindness. If you do not do this simple thank you wave … you are a self-absorbed asshole that I hope contracts syphilis and dies a lonely, horrible death. Now … that statement may appear a little harsh … but if you know I let you in and you don’t acknowledge it, then you are essentially saying that you are better than me. What makes you think you are more important than I am? A growing portion of the population has become so self-absorbed in their own meaningless little existence that they forget there are even other people around them. It’s really just another form of entitlement that is running rampant in our society. If I clearly slow down to let you over because the lane is ending … and there were signs for miles letting you know the lane was ending … I’m being considerate and deserve a thanks. I could … and have … jockeyed to make sure you can not get in front of me and am forced to drop in behind me … with a slam of your brakes before you crash your car. I don’t like having to do this … well, maybe I do … but sometimes people just need to be jarred awake from their own perception that they are superior to everyone else and their time is more important. How difficult is it to acknowledge a kind act!? It’s not! Raise your fucking hand and wave thanks!

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