Grocery Line Cellphone Etiquette

Is your phone call so fucking important that you can’t end it to interact with the cashier!?

Are you on the phone to the U.N. with the solution to world hunger?

Are you on the phone to the government of Africa with a solution to their potable water problem?

Are you on the phone with the American Cancer Society with the breakthrough cure for cancer?

If not, then hang up your fucking phone asshole and conduct yourself like a civil human being! Do you think you’re better than the person working the register? I watched a person in front of me talk on their phone from the time they got in line until the time they walked out the door? The cashier asking them questions only to get a head nod while droning on into the phone about their weekend plans. “Do you need bags?” Completely ignores the cashier. The cashier politely asks again, only to get a pissed look that they interrupted them while they are on the phone. They shake their head NO … while never breaking from the phone conversation . Do you think you’re so important that normal rules don’t apply to you? Unfortunately, this seems to be the ever growing case! People more and more think that they are something special and don’t need to show other people respect. Trust me, you’re not as important as you think you are.

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