Overfilling Cups

Don’t hand me a cup that you overfilled without wiping it off! This is especially true when I get a soda through the drive-thru and you are handing me a cup that I’m going to put into my cup holder! The soda is sticky and without a doubt will transfer to my cup holder … thus making my cup holder sticky! Sure, you may give me a few extra napkins … but wiping it down with a dry napkin is not going to do shit! All it does is move the soda around the outside of the cup and now I have a sticky cup AND a wet sticky napkin. The same thing goes for coffee … or really … any drink. It’s just lazy customer service! I’m not going to get upset it you stiff me liquid a 1/4″ from the top. Let’s be real, if I’m getting a soda, you’ve already filled the cup to the top with ice so I’m not getting much anyways … so 1/4″ is not going to make a bit of difference!

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