Inconsiderate Homeless People

Now before you start freaking out and judging me with your socially brainwashed response about how we can’t say anything negative about the homeless … just hear me out. Yeah, it sucks if you are homeless. My heart goes out to you and I wish you the best of luck finding employment and putting a roof over your head. No one should have to live like that … BUT … just because you don’t have a street address to go home to every night, does not automatically give you a license to be an inconsiderate asshole. You can still be courteous to everybody around you and let people go about their business. Numerous times I have been in the left turn lane and a homeless person is camping out on the median, sprawled out into the left turn lane … their belongings stacked against the curb … IN the lane. When I pull up, I have to pull over slightly in the other lane, so as not to run over their arms or legs. What the hell are they doing there anyway and why aren’t the police moving them! That’s a great place to set up shop … a 2 foot wide piece of concrete between opposing directions of cars going 40-50 mph! I’m having a hard enough time trying to avoid all the assholes swerving into my lane because they are watching a fucking YouTube video WHILE they are driving … now, I have to try not to run over homeless people in a fucking car lane!? I try to be courteous to homeless people and give them money when they ask but how come they don’t have to show me respect and stay out of my way!? Obviously, I can’t expect this from the bat-shit crazy guy yelling at the sky, shadow boxing … but not all of them are bat-shit crazy. I know, I know. I’m so insensitive. But if someone who owned a house did the same thing, you wouldn’t feel sorry for them … you would just think they were an asshole. Just because this person doesn’t have a house in a suburb, doesn’t excuse them from treating other people with respect. Homeless people are getting increasingly confrontational and angry towards people everywhere. I’m sorry you’re in that situation but I had nothing to do with it! I’m just trying to get through my day … staying out of people’s way … is that too much to ask for from you?

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