Teenagers in Crosswalks

I have to make a right on a fairly busy street to get to work. There is also a high school near by. So, in the morning when I’m going to work and have to make that right turn, I usually have to wait for the kids to walk across the crosswalk before I can turn. Now this in of itself … is not really a problem. We all have someplace we need to go and we all are trying to get there. Most of the kids start walking and after they have crossed, a few cars can turn right before the light turns red and traffic starts coming in the other direction. Every once in a while, due to unfortunate timing, I cross paths with a little shithead who takes as long as he possibly can to cross the street so that he is stepping up on the curb as the light is turning red. This is not an accident on his part. This is his thing to show to everyone how cool and important he thinks he is. He looks up at me while halfway across the street and then purposely slows down so that I can’t go. Apparently, I do not have a very good poker face and he must have seen on my face that I was thinking “Hurry up you little asshole! I have to get somewhere too! If you pulled up your fucking pants and took your eyes off your phone for a second, you could probably walk a little faster!” As I’m turning, I stare him down so that hopefully he can feel how angry I am and maybe think about what he’s done. Instead, I see a smirk on his smug little face. He knows exactly what he’s doing … and I hope he struggles finding jobs and is buried in debt for the rest of his life for being such a little inconsiderate asshole.

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