Left turn lane blockers

You want to get into the left turn lane so you can make the next light. You see the light in the other direction changing and the left turn light is about to turn green … but you aren’t going to make it. Why? Because the asshole in front of you wouldn’t move forward so you could get by. Now, if the guy in front of you is inches away from the car in front of him … well then, really there was nothing that could be done. It is what it is. What I’m talking about is the person who has like 2 feet between them and the next car. They see you in their rearview mirror inching up on them. It’s obvious you are trying to get by … and they see you. Oh, they fucking see you! You’re scraping tires on the left curb and you’ve pushed your car millimeters away from them thinking they’ll get nervous that you’re going to hit their car and move forward … but, NO! They are not budging! The light turns green and eventually traffic starts moving. The asshole in front of you starts to move so now you can FINALLY get by. So you push your pedal through the floor, redlining your car, hoping to squeeze through the last few seconds of the light and then the light turns red and you have to lock it up. You’re pissed at what happened but at least you get to stare this asshole down and flip him off as he goes by. He passes you and has the audacity to look straight ahead and not even acknowledge how pissed off you are and what they did. This person is a dick!

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