Road Construction

In what fucking world does it make sense to close the middle lane of a major street at 7:30am when everyone is trying to get to work!? I realize that there is no real great time to close down a street to make repairs but during the busiest time seems absurd to me. I’ve driven by work sites at night that have flood lights that are brighter than the damn sun … so I know this shit can be done at night when less people will be inconvenienced. I understand that an emergency can pop up and there is no other option but we both know damn well 85% of the time it could wait. If there is literal shit coming up from the manholes … then fine, fix it. I’ll understand why I’m being inconvenienced (maybe). Otherwise it’s not an emergency! And to add to my frustration, when I finally pass by (30 minutes later) … there are 3 fuckers just standing there looking at the ground … doing nothing! Look guys, at least look like your doing something when I pass you by so I don’t have the urge to roll down my window and yell something that would probably get me thrown in jail! It seems like common sense to me but as I’ve grown to learn there is no such thing as common sense anymore!

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