Rain Water

Except for this current year, living in Southern California we are always scolded about using too much water and we must conserve, conserve, conserve. Ok, I get it we live in a desert and don’t get much rain … so water is valuable. Why is it then, that when we DO have our periods of rain that it all just washes away!? I drive over the Santa Ana River bed daily and it’s overflowing with water going where? The ocean! Why in the hell are we not collecting all that water into holding tanks to use when … I don’t know … we are in a drought! Then to top it off, a day after the rain, all the reporters are down at the beach talking about how much debris has washed up on the beaches and it’s so sad that our beaches look like this. What the fuck did you expect when all roads lead out to the ocean!? Government officials are weighing the benefits or harms of desalinization. Hey guys, why don’t you focus on catching all the fucking water falling right out of the sky!

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